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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

Trump DOJ: Courts Should Strike Down Obamacare Entirely

The lower court ruling is the equivalent of throwing a live grenade into the 2020 elections.

14 House Republicans Join Failed Veto Override Attempt

See who voted to override President Trump’s first veto.

Poll: 54 Percent Would Consider Voting Trump In 2020

With almost half of registered voters dead set against supporting him, the president cannot afford to write off a single undecided voter.

Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Takes Effect Tomorrow

Under the new rule, many law-abiding gun owners who have owned bump stocks for years will now be considered outlaws.

Why Mueller’s Exoneration Won’t Guarantee Trump’s Re-Election

Whatever bump the president gets from being exonerated by Mueller will probably be erased within a couple of weeks due to Mr. Trump’s own actions.

The Graveyard Spiral Election

Executive abuses and flagrant disregard for law and the Constitution have become the new normal for both parties.

Poll: More Democrats Are Pro-Life

Polling shows a 14-point surge in pro-life Democrats.

Trump Order On College Censorship Is A Nothingburger (But That’s A Good Thing)

An ineffective Executive Order is preferable to overstepping presidential authority.

Trump: Tariffs Are Here To Stay

President Trump said that tariffs on Chinese imports may not be removed even if a deal is reached.

An Open Letter To Democrats

Opposition to President Trump has not led disaffected conservatives to embrace the Democratic platform

Poll Shows Surprising Surge For One Democrat But One Consistent Frontrunner

Four Democrats stand out above the other candidates.

Joe Biden’s Campaign Is The Worst-Kept Secret In Politics

Biden is lining up endorsements and vetting running mates in anticipation of formally announcing his campaign.

Fox Pulls Plug On Judge Jeanine

There is no word on whether Pirro’s show will return.

Beto Outraises Bernie Despite Rocky Start

Beto’s rock star image is reminiscent of Barack Obama, but can he overcome missteps?

My Two Cents: Should Conservatives Back Trump in 2020?

To those conservatives who are rushing to pledge support for Trump 2020, I ask, “What’s your hurry?”

Senate To Block Trump’s National Emergency, Veto Expected

It is unlikely that enough Republicans will break with Trump to override the veto.

Nearly Half Of Global Boeing 737 Max 8 Fleet Grounded After Second Crash

It is highly unusual for two brand new airliners to fall out of the sky.

Why Pelosi’s Decision Not To Impeach Is The Smart Move

Pelosi is playing the odds with her eye on the bigger prize.

Trump Refuses To Stay Down, Requests $8.6 Billion For Wall In 2020

Like a beaten and bloody boxer who just won’t quit, President Trump refuses to stay down for the count.

How Tax Reform Could Hurt Charitable Giving

Do Americans give primarily for tax benefits or because generosity blesses both the giver and the recipient?


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