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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

Donald Trump’s Diminishing Returns

The president missed his best chance to effect change. Now, a stalemate looks likely no matter who wins.


The wonderful thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that you don’t have to fulfill them perfectly in order to win. You make yourself a better person simply by improving over what you did last year.

Watching The Movies: ‘Knives Out’

A mystery with a sense of humor

A Few Flying Stories

And now for something completely different

Believing In Christmas Is Logical

Evidence for God and Jesus is a gift to modern believers.

Christianity Today Calls For Trump’s Removal

“None of the president’s positives can balance the moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character.”

Why Trump’s Impeachment Won’t Start Impeachment Wars

Most voters won’t support revenge impeachments.

How Donald Trump Could Become The First President To Be Impeached Twice

And the first president to be acquitted twice.

Here’s Who Broke Ranks On The Impeachment Votes

Three Democrats voted against impeachment while Tulsi Gabbard voted present.

Pelosi Threatens To Delay Sending Impeachment To The Senate

Because in 2019, nothing can be simple and straightforward.

Impeaching Trump Was The Right Thing To Do

Americans voted to restrain Trump last year and Democrats have done that where Republicans did not.

Trump Impeached

President Trump has earned his place in history.

2019 Brought A Bumper Crop Of UFO Stories

That red light in the sky may not be Rudolph.

Dems Press For Testimony From Mulvaney And Bolton In Senate Impeachment Trial

The White House instructed the pair to ignore congressional subpoenas for the House hearings.

NJ Democrat Van Drew To Switch Parties

Van Drew is a moderate Democrat but would be one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress.

Fox Poll: Majority Favors Impeachment And Removal

Republican defenses of Trump are falling flat outside the party faithful.

Do We Finally Have A Trade Deal With China?

While I’m skeptical that a firm agreement has been reached, a respite from new tariffs is a victory for everyone.

McConnell Says ‘No Chance’ Senate Will Remove Trump

McConnell also hinted that the Senate may conduct a short trial with a quick vote.

Nadler Delays Impeachment Proceedings Unexpectedly

Each party blames the other for the delay.

Director Wray Defends FBI While Barr, Durham Attack IG Report

In the wake of the Justice Department inspector general’s report on the origins of the Russia investigation and FISA applications released yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray is pointing out th …


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