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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

The Constitutional Response To Coronavirus

Most conservatives would agree that some sort of government response to both the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis is appropriate.

Trump Administration Readies Airline Bailout

How much can a nation that is $23 trillion in debt and that was running a $1 trillion annual deficit before the current crisis do to bail out its entire economy?

In Defense Of Price Gouging

While price gougers won’t win many friends, they do form an important part of the balance between supply and demand.

The Top Ten Things To Do On Your Virus Vacation

If you’re home alone with your family for the next few weeks, here are a few suggestions on how to spend your time.

Be Responsible: Don’t Spread The Virus Or The Panic

“Don’t get stuck on stupid.”

President Trump Declares Coronavirus Emergency

President Trump officially declared a state of emergency regarding the Coronavirus outbreak this afternoon, saying, “To unleash the full power of the federal government, I am officially declarin …

Congressional Doctor Expects Up To 150 Million American Cases Of Coronavirus

Dr. Monahan isn’t the only public health expert who is sounding the alarm.

COVID-19 Is Not An Apocalyptic Disease But What If It Was?

Given the federal government’s response so far, it is a good thing that the estimated mortality rate of the Coronavirus is “only” about two percent. If we reacted as sloppily to an Ebola outbre …

You Can Stick A Fork In Bernie – He’s Done

Democrats consider cancelling debates after Biden dominates primaries.

Democratic Primaries For The Week of March 9

Joe Biden leads Bernie Sanders by 664-573 in the Democratic delegate race following Super Tuesday. The coming week is not as momentous as last week in terms of elections, but several Democratic primar …

Did Never-Trumpers Help Biden Win Super Tuesday?

Biden won the “moderate/conservative” and “Republican” demographics in the Democratic primary.

NYT: Warren To Drop Out

The New York Times is reporting that Elizabeth Warren will suspend her presidential campaign on Thursday. The Massachusetts senator was once considered a front runner in the Democratic primary. The Wa …

Biden Could Clinch Nomination In Next Few Weeks

While Bernie Sanders is not the sort of candidate who can be expected to easily fall in line, at some point, it will become apparent that he will be mathematically eliminated.

Obamacare Heads Back To Supreme Court

The case tosses a hand grenade into the upcoming elections.

Biden Blowout In South Carolina

Tom Steyer to drop out after disappointing third-place finish

Did We Just Surrender To The Taliban?

Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal seems a lot like Obama’s retreat from Iraq.

Biden Campaign Is Not Dead But Tomorrow Will Make It Or Break It

If Joe can’t win in South Carolina, he’s done.

Trump Addresses Nation On Coronavirus

Speaking at the White House, President Trump addressed the nation about the Coronavirus crisis, calling the threat to the United States “very low.” The president said that there were 15 Co …

Bernie Sanders Could Actually Win

If the election boils down to a grudge match between socialism and corruption, there is a good chance that the socialist will win.

Biden Maintains Lead In South Carolina

So far, Joe Biden’s South Carolina firewall is holding according to a new poll from the Palmetto State.


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