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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

New Poll: Majority Favors Impeachment Inquiry

Americans approve of impeachment hearings, but are not yet sold on impeachment itself.

Fact Vs. Fiction In The Whistleblower Scandal

The key point for the coming weeks is not whether the whistleblower had an ax to grind or was part of an organized effort. The focus should be on whether the whistleblower’s allegations were factual …

Are The Libertarians Ready For Primetime?

“Suddenly, amidst all the confusion, Fifi seized the controls and saved the day.”

New Poll Shows Public Evenly Split On Impeachment

A 13-point shift in four days is a seismic event in polling terms.

Why Impeachment Is Justified

The case against Trump was strong, even before the whistleblower.

Pelosi Announces Impeachment Inquiry

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has formally announced the initiation of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. The inquiry is focused on the president’s decision to withhold aid from Ukrain …

Biden Gets Breather As Whistleblower Scandal Deepens

The former vice president has so far benefitted from the attacks by the Trump Administration while Trump’s reputation has been further sullied.

Pelosi Hints At Impeachment Over Whistleblower Coverup

For Trump, the coverup may be worse that whatever was said in the call to the Ukrainian president.

Arizona Likes Moderates And Conservatives Love Krysten Sinema (For Now)

Arizona has a history of electing moderates over the objections of activists.

Trump Vs. The Whistleblower

No one knows the precise nature of the unfolding scandal, but the IG calls the whistleblower allegations credible.

Annex Mexico? Sure, Why Not?

Would Mexicans really stop wanting to come to America if we turned Mexico into America? A “South America,” if you will? Would Americans want to curb illegal immigration by allowing a whole country …

Beto Stagnant In Polls After ‘Hell Yeah’ Moment

Beto won’t get a bigger moment, but it fizzled. He’s done.

‘Get Real:’ Leading Democrats Know Kavanaugh Impeachment Is Pipe Dream

If further evidence of a schism between the woke base of the Democratic Party and its leadership class, the move to impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh should provide it. A fresh allegation of sexual impr …

Would Americans Give Up Their Guns To Beto?

At best, Beto’s gun grab would make criminals of millions of law-abiding citizens. At worst, it could touch off a civil war.

Iran Just Knocked Out Half Of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Production

The attack by an Iranian proxy will likely increase oil prices and could ignite a regional war.

A Bad Week For Legal Immigration

A Supreme Court ruling allows the Trump Administration to limit asylum and Bahamians are denied temporary protected status.

Bolton Firing Obscures News Of Trillion-Dollar Deficit

The last trillion-dollar deficit was under Barack Obama in 2012 and, with several weeks left to go in the current fiscal year, Donald Trump looks likely to blow past Obama’s spending that year.

Mark Sanford Throws Hat Into The Ring

Sanford’s strengths include a strong record on pro-life and gun issues, a proven ability to win elections, and a pro-business background. His biggest weaknesses are his affair, which will do little …

American Airlines Mechanic Sabotaged Plane

Here is what he did and how it affected the flight.

August Jobs Report Yields Disappointing Numbers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the monthly jobs report for August and the hiring numbers for last month are further evidence that the economy is slowing. In raw numbers, the BLS reported …


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