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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

Mueller: Indicting Trump Was ‘Not an Option’

The Special Counsel stressed that Russia launched systematic attack on election.

Southern Baptist Attendance Fell To Its Lowest Point In 30 Years

The Southern Baptist denomination fell to its lowest point since 1987 per the evangelical group’s Annual Church Profile. The statistics show that the number of Southern Baptists fell to 14.8 mi …

Remembering American Sacrifices In Victory, Defeat, And Forgotten Wars

Memorial Day is the day set aside to remember those lost their lives as part of the American military. In this generation, we have become acquainted with the tragic losses in the War On Terror. Almost …

The Laodicea Church Is Now

John the Revelator’s description of the church in Laodicea seems on target for modern America.

Here’s What Voters In Georgia And Alabama Think Of Their New Abortion Laws

Few have thought to check the opinion of local voters.

Democrats Lack Numbers To Force Pelosi To Impeach

Pelosi is unlikely to enter into a battle over impeachment that she cannot win.

No, Video Does Not Show Nancy Pelosi Drunk At Press Conference

Remember, kids, if it seems too stupid to be true, it probably is.

May Ends Early This Year In The UK

Theresa May announces resignation as prime minister.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Trade War

Tariffs designed to protect American steel and aluminum have led to depressed stock and commodity prices.

Women Consider Adoption ‘More Emotionally Painful’ Than Abortion

But there are bright sides to the Atlantic article that provide encouragement to pro-lifers

Landslide Victory For Republican In Pennsylvania Special Election

A special election put fresh wind into Republican sails last night in Pennsylvania’s 12th district. Republican Fred Keller handily defeated Democrat Marc Friedenberg by a 35-point margin. With 99 pe …

Iran Increases Uranium Production

As things heat up between the United States and Iran, the terrorist state has increased its production of low-grade uranium by a factor of four. The number of centrifuges has not been increased and ne …

Why Justin Amash Is Right

Republicans tempt fate by pretending that Trump has done nothing wrong.

Abortion Clinics To Alabama: Drop Dead

Alabama’s three abortion clinics are betting on an injunction that prevents the law from taking effect.

Trade War Gets Real As Walmart Announces Price Increases

Trump’s base is being squeezed by decreasing exports of their products and increasing prices

No Abortion Restriction Is Reasonable Enough For Pro-Choicers

The NRA is more likely to back gun control than pro-choice groups are to favor abortion regulations.

Brace Yourself: More Abortion Laws Are Coming

Missouri and Louisiana have bills in process to restrict abortion in their states.

Democrats: Trump Wants To Be Impeached

Democrats say Trump wants to use impeachment to help get reelected.

Trade War Escalates As China Hikes Taxes On US Goods

White House Advisor Kudlow admits Trump tariffs are paid by Americans.

Myth Busted: Georgia Heartbeat Bill Would Not Imprison Women For Miscarriages

The law contains reasonable exceptions for rape, incest, stillbirths, and medical emergencies.


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