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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

Don’t Hold Your Breath For Deep State Bombshells In IG Report On FBI

Sources familiar with the report say the FBI investigations into Trump campaign officials was justified.

Let The People Vote… After Impeachment

Impeachment does not overturn an election and it is not a coup. It will stand as a deterrent to presidents who consider similar abuses of power.

The Evidence Against Trump (So Far)

The Trump Administration must explain why the aid to Ukraine was delayed for months and why it was not released until after the scandal broke.

Fiona Hill Will Testify That ‘Fictional Narrative’ Distracted Trump From Real Threat

Today’s impeachment testimony will feature Fiona Hill, who served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs on Donald Trump’s National Sec …

House Democrats Investigate Whether Trump Lied To Mueller

Evidence and testimony from Roger Stone’s trial suggest that Donald Trump may have lied under oath.

Impeachment Hearings Resume Today With Vindman And Others

Impeachment hearings have resumed in the House today and feature some previously-heard witnesses as well as some new ones. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, whose opening statement for his closed-door testi …

Guards Face Criminal Charges In Epstein Death

The charges do not include murder.

Supreme Court Puts Hold On Release Of Trump Tax Returns

The law seems to be on the side of the Democrats so the legal battle may only have the effect of pushing the exposure of President Trump’s tax information closer to the election.

Impeachment Drives Wedge Between Trump And Pompeo

Mike Pompeo is walking a tightrope between supporting the president and alienating the State Department.

Roger Stone Found Guilty On All Counts

Trump associate Roger Stone has been found guilty on numerous charges by a federal jury. The guilty verdict includes charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress in connection with the Russia in …

Here’s How Ukraine Got Its Aid Without Investigating Hunter Biden

The Republican claim of “no harm, no foul” falls apart unless you think that incompetence is an adequate defense for abuse of power.

New Poll Shows Mayor Pete Leading In Iowa

Is Buttigieg the new flavor-of-the-month?

Sanford Ends Primary Campaign

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has ended his long shot attempt to challenge President Trump in the Republican Primary the AP reports. “You’ve got to be a realist,” Sanford said in N …

Watching The Movies: ‘Midway’ Is Fitting Homage To Heroes

I grew up on the 1976 version of the story of Midway. I didn’t see it on the big screen but, for years afterward, whenever it came on television, I’d always try to watch. As a history buff, I even …

Bill Taylor Transcript Links Trump Directly To Quid Pro Quo For Aid

The transcript of Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony is the latest to be released by House Democrats.

Democrats Eke Out Victory In Kentucky Governor Race

Republican Matt Bevin refuses to concede.

House Releases Sondland And Volker Transcripts

Following on yesterday’s release of transcripts of the testimonies of Ambassadors Yovanovitch and McKinley, the House has released the transcripts of the testimonies of Ambassadors Kurt Volker a …

Swing State Polls Look Bad For Donald Trump

Trump loses most swing states to Joe Biden in current polling but fares better against Sanders and Warren.

Good News And Bad News For Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren is fading fast.

House Releases Impeachment Transcripts

Top official said he has never seen similar attempt to use State Department to dig up political dirt in 37-year career.


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