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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

This ‘Dirty Dozen’ Will Decide The Senate

The odds are pretty good for a Democratic Senate takeover.

White House Testing Czar: ‘No Benefit To Hydroxychloroquine’

President Trump’s appointee says testing does not support use of hydroxychloroquine.

Of Infidels And Pharisees

Is the election a case of good-versus-evil or evil-versus-evil?

Is It Time To Burn Down The GOP?

If the Republican Party ceased to exist, whatever replaced it would be largely the Republican Party under a new name and new management.

Justice Ginsburg Is Back In The Hospital

For the good of the country, we should hope that Justice Ginsburg continues her recovery.

Trump Suggests Delaying Election

Before today, the prospect that Trump would use the pandemic to delay the election was a conspiracy theory.

Trump To Withdraw A Third Of US Troops From Germany

The reduction will leave less than 25,000 US soldiers deployed in Germany. The move heightens NATO tensions.

Both Parties Have New COVID Relief Bills; Here’s What’s In Them

Americans need relief but can Congress get its act together?

Why Is There A Coin Shortage?

Many Americans are posting pictures and stories about stores that are refusing cash or not providing change due to a coin shortage. This has provided much consternation in an already tense and frustra …

Why My Kids Are Not Returning To Class

There is a lot of discussion about whether schools should reopen as the pandemic rages. Over the past few weeks, I’ve offered some of my thoughts on the subject as well as talked to several teac …

Liz Cheney Is Not Trumpy Enough For Republicans

Cheney’s sin was tweeting support for Dr. Fauci.

Margaret Sanger Gets Canceled

Cancel culture has become notorious for attacking people who deviate from progressive ideology. Oftentimes the left eats its own, even when the transgression was inadvertent or years ago. That was the …

Why America Needs Another COVID Relief Bill

Rewarding people for staying home in a deadly pandemic is appropriate.

Here’s What Teachers Are Saying About Going Back To School In A Pandemic

Two teachers talk about reopening schools.

It’s Kemp vs. Mayors In Georgia Mask Mandate Battle

It looks increasingly likely that there won’t be any SEC football this year but Georgians are getting something almost as good (not really). Gov. Brian Kemp and the mayors of several cities arou …

Party Identification Points Toward Blue Tsunami

Democrats hold a double-digit advantage in party identification.

Labs Fall Behind Due To High COVID Testing Demand

As the virus spreads, testing is again a problem.

Texas Is Officially A Battleground State

We take a deep dive into two alarming new Lone Star State polls.

To Return To School Or Not To Return To School, That Is The Question

It’s July. Usually, this is the time of year that a parent’s fancy turns to thoughts of the kids going back to school. This year, with Coronavirus running rampant around the country, a great many …

Trump Promises DACA ‘Road To Citizenship‘

A shocking turn of events


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