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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

The Recession Is Keeping Young Adults At Home – Here’s Why That’s Bad For The Economy And The Future

If Millennials don’t have the opportunity to build wealth through good jobs then the conservative message that hard work is the road to prosperity rings hollow.

Understanding Trump’s Mideast Peace Deals

Here is what’s in it for both sides and why the time was right for a deal.

Poll: Voters See Both Biden And Trump As Unfit

Partisan voters believe the worst about the opposing candidate but overlook the plank in their own champion’s eye.

Did Trump Lose The Election Yesterday?

A competent president would have tried to ease fears while simultaneously addressing the seriousness of the situation and preparing for the crisis to come.

Here’s How The Swing States Look After The Conventions

Donald Trump is losing the swing states after receiving little-to-no convention bounce.

Donald Trump Defends The COVID Vaccine… Finally

My plea to both President Trump and the Democrats is this: Don’t make this political.

IHME Predicts 410,000 COVID Deaths By January

A new model by the IHME shows that “The worst is yet to come.”

The Dead End Election

Sooner or later, Republicans are going to have to turn around and back track to get on the right path.

The Good News And Bad News Of The Jobs Report

Even though August was a disappointing month economically, it could be better than September.

Swing State Voters Favor Biden On Crime And Coronavirus

The poll of Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin voters showed that Trump has lost ground on his signature issues.

Don’t Vote Twice

Many seem to take Mr. Trump’s word as gospel. Doing so this time could land them in jail.

New Polling Shows Swing States Mostly Unchanged After Conventions

With one exception, neither conventions nor civil unrest seem to be swaying many voters.

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A… Man In A Jetpack?

If you happen to be flying into LA, keep an eye out the window and keep your camera ready.

About That Claim That 94% Of COVID Deaths Had Underlying Health Problems…

“It’s very clear that this doesn’t mean that these deaths aren’t Coronavirus deaths.”

I’m Quarantined.

I have to be responsible because someone else was not.

Trump Supporter Killed In Portland

The deteriorating situation means that America could be on the brink of widespread political violence or a civil war.

Violence Spirals As Both Sides Escalate

For citizens to take up arms to police the streets both undermines the rule of law that they claim to be upholding as well as inviting escalation and retaliation.

Trump: Just Wait Until January And I’ll Stop Riots

One clip stands out among the coverage of the President Trump’s convention speech.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse A Hero, A Villain, Or Something In Between?

While it seems that Rittenhouse likely went to Kenosha with good intentions, he had no business being there in the first place.

Controversial Change To COVID Testing Guidelines Came While Fauci Was In Surgery

The new recommendations seem to be less of an attempt to fight the virus than to conceal it.


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