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David Thornton

David Thornton is a professional pilot and freelance writer. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Facebook at and Twitter @captainkudzu.

Government By National Emergency Is Unethical

Much of the country seems so blinded by the legal forest that they don’t see the trees.

16 States Sue Over Trump’s Emergency Declaration

The states joining the lawsuit includes two border states and another three states in the Southwest.

Finland’s Universal Basic Income Yields Disappointing Returns

The idea of paying every citizen a guaranteed salary is expensive and doesn’t work any better than traditional entitlements.

She’s Ba-ack! Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is slated to return to work tomorrow. Ginsburg has been absent from Court functions since early December when she underwent surgery to remove cancerous masses …

Conservative College Crusader On Moderate Democrats Versus Identity Politics

The Resurgent talks with Charles Copeland of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Abuse Of Presidential Power Is The National Emergency

The crisis is not that illegals are threatening the security of the nation, but that Trump’s poor legislative abilities are threatening his approval rating among Republicans.

Republicans Not Happy With Border Deal But Have Few Options

Republicans are forced to choose between a bad deal or no deal at all.

Ilhan Omar Is Back With More Anti-Semitism – And A Democrat Fires Back

While the fact that there are so many bad actors on both sides is discouraging, it is refreshing when bipartisan voices can say, “This is not acceptable.”

Where Are The Democrat Moderates?

The 2020 presidential campaign has officially kicked off and there are already at least nine Democrats, about half of whom you may have heard of, who have tossed their hats in the ring to compete for …

Just Say ‘No’ To Hitler References, Especially Positive Ones

There are certain things that politicians and pundits should not have to be told. The problem is that some of these very basic rules of behavior are ignored by people to their own detriment. That was …

SOTU: How Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Obama-esque

President Trump’s State of the Union message last night certainly had its moments. There were the obligatory calls for unity, horn tooting about the strong economy, recognition of outstanding Americ …

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Listed Race As ‘American Indian’ In 1986 Document

In a document obtained by the Washington Post via a Freedom of Information Act request, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was shown to have listed her race as “American Indian” on a registration card fo …

Tax Reform Law Induces Sticker Shock For Millions Of Taxpayers

Tax season is upon us and many taxpayers are discovering the changes to the tax code that were generated by the tax reform bill passed in December 2017. While most taxpayers will find at least modest …

Single Democrat Blocks Bill Condemning Infanticide

As Governor Ralph Northam fights for his political life in Virginia, not for advocating a bill that would allow infants born alive to be left to die but for wearing blackface 30 years ago, Sen. Ben Sa …

Why The Debate Over Northam’s Racism Is Good For Pro-Abortion Democrats

Republicans smell blood in the water in Virginia. Gov. Ralph Northam’s career seems to be nearing an end after the revelation of racist pictures in his college yearbook. With even Democrats calling …

Where Is The Republican Howard Schultz?

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has engendered a lot of excitement, some positive and some negative, this week with his announcement that he will run for president as an independent Democrat. As M …

President Trump May Be About To Flip The Ninth Circuit

One area in which the election of Donald Trump has paid off in spades is that of judicial appointments. So far, the president has had two Supreme Court appointments and numerous picks for lower courts …

Abortion, Socialism, and Howard Schultz

The Democrats are apparently trying to make a liar out of me. Last week I wrote that support for abortion, while abhorrent to me, didn’t necessarily mean that Democrats were bad people or unchristia …

Elon Musk’s Private Jet Is Hypocritical But Not Wasteful

Leftist environmentalists have a new target. In a new hit piece on Ars Technica, Megan Geuss attacks Elon Musk for his extensive use of his private jet, saying, “For a CEO who claims to care about c …

Can A Fusion Party Save America?

At various times in American history, voters have come together in bipartisan Fusion Parties when both major parties failed to represent their interests. As the Republican Party continues in a graveya …


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