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Darrick Johnson

Brian Stelter’s Philosophical Crisis

One would hope that CNN’s “media watchdog” would have a pretty good understanding of truth. But that hope would be misplaced. Yesterday, after the charges against Jussie Smollett wer …

What was “The Bulwark” Thinking?

When the Weekly Standard met its end, Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes and others established “The Bulwark”, ostensibly to “Conserve Conservatism”.  As a Trump skeptic, I usually find myself a …

Maduro Looking For The Exits

Bloomberg is reporting that Nicolas Maduro has commissioned his “advance” staff to find a nice retirement villa with favorable extradition status. Venezuela’s economy has finally, in …

Microsoft Super Bowl Ad: The Anti-Northam

A Super Bowl ad for Microsoft’s Xbox offered a welcome rebuke to the left’s open hostility toward the lives of children with disabilities. The ad features stories from several children wit …


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