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Chris Queen

All Chris Queen wanted to be growing up was a game show host, a weather man, or James Bond. But his writing talent won out.

By day, Chris is a somewhat mild-mannered church communications director, but by night, he keeps his finger on the pulse of culture and writes about it. Chris’s interests include Disney, college sports — especially his beloved Georgia Bulldogs — and a wide variety of music.

A native of Marietta, GA, Chris moved with his family as a child to nearby Covington, GA, where he still makes his home. He is on staff at and a member of Eastridge Community Church and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

In addition to his work at The Resurgent, Chris writes regularly at PJ Media, and he spent nearly a year as a contributor to NewsReal Blog. He has also written for Celebrations Magazine and two newspapers in Metro Atlanta.

Coach Condi?

The Cleveland Browns flirted with interviewing Condoleezza Rice for their head coaching job.

Georgia Didn’t Offer Amazon the Moon … But Pretty Close

The package of benefits and perks that the state used to try to lure Amazon is astonishing.

Rubio Calls Out Democrat Vote Tactics in Florida

The senator’s football metaphor is an apt description of the left’s attempts to lawyer their way to a win.

The Resurgent 2018 Election Live Blog

Stay here for up-to-the-minute election coverage!

The Brotherhood of Long Voting Lines

We may not have agreed on candidates, but we’re neighbors.

Silicon Valley Is Keen on a ‘Blue Wave’

The big technology companies are actively stumping for Democrats.

Claire McCaskill Demonstrates True Desperation

The floundering Democrat has expressed her support for President Trump sending troops to the border.

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Expect a ‘Blue Wave’

The Vermont senator and others on the left are claiming that they’ve always thought election is going to be a close one.

More Strange Wrinkles Emerge in the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

A Turkish official says a decoy roamed Istanbul in Khashoggi’s clothes, and videos back the story up.

President Trump’s 2020 Fundraising Take Is Yuge!

He has made astonishing and unprecedented gains toward his reelection campaign.

BREAKING: Saudis Getting Ready to Admit that Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed

The country is preparing a report that the journalist died in a botched interrogation.

The NFL Is Using Kickers Less Often

Coaches are going for two-point conversions more often than ever.

Mitch Daniels Admits that Today’s Political Climate is Ruthless

He says that his decision not to run in 2011 would be even easier in 2018.

A Wrongly Convicted Man Is Now Free – You Won’t Believe What Led To His Freedom

Valentino Davis is no longer in prison, thanks to his beautiful artwork.

A Wrongly Accused Man Goes Free – You Won’t Believe Who Fought for His Freedom

Valentino Dixon is a free man after 27 years, and it’s because of his artistic talent.

Wrongly Accused

Google Wants to Play Environmental Tattletale

Their “view cars” are now going to monitor pollution where they drive and give that data to a radical organization.

PETA Protests A Ted Cruz BBQ…And Cruz Just Laughs

Here’s more proof that Ted Cruz has one of the best senses of humor in the Senate.

BREAKING: Burt Reynolds Has Died

The football player turned iconic actor was 82.

Does Community Spirit Exist in Divided Times? The Answer Is Yes.

Here’s how one community has pulled together to rally around a local hero.


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