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Chris Queen

All Chris Queen wanted to be growing up was a game show host, a weather man, or James Bond. But his writing talent won out.

By day, Chris is a somewhat mild-mannered church communications director, but by night, he keeps his finger on the pulse of culture and writes about it. Chris’s interests include Disney, college sports — especially his beloved Georgia Bulldogs — and a wide variety of music.

A native of Marietta, GA, Chris moved with his family as a child to nearby Covington, GA, where he still makes his home. He is on staff at and a member of Eastridge Community Church and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

In addition to his work at The Resurgent, Chris writes regularly at PJ Media, and he spent nearly a year as a contributor to NewsReal Blog. He has also written for Celebrations Magazine and two newspapers in Metro Atlanta.

Is This Beto’s Last Run for Office?

Everybody’s favorite skater presidential candidate says he probably won’t run again.

Legislators from Both Parties Are Calling Out the NBA Over China

In an era where we’re divided more than ever before by political positions and issues, it’s nice to see politicians from both sides of the aisle uniting on an important matter. This time, …

The Sports World Isn’t Handling this NBA/China Thing Well

As the situation between China and democracy protesters in Hong Kong continues to boil, the sports world hasn’t been immune from the hotbed of controversy. Over the weekend, Houston Rockets Gene …

U.S. Blacklist of Chinese Companies Balances Human Rights Concerns with the Ongoing Trade War

As China continues to crack down on Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region of the country, the United States has added 28 companies to a blacklist of Chinese companies who may have a role in the cra …

The Gospel Is at Work Among the “Least of These”

Here’s some encouraging news in the midst of so much craziness in our world.

Grab Your Popcorn: Tulsi’s Coming to the Next Democrat Debates

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the most fascinating Democrats in the presidential race. The US Representative from Hawaii doesn’t walk in lockstep with the rest of the candidates on a whole host of iss …

Beto Stands Alone on Forced Gun Buybacks

America’s favorite rad 40-something dude is the only Democratic candidate who supports forcing Americans to give up their “weapons of war.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waves to the delegates before addressing the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Can Bernie Sanders Pick Up His Flagging Campaign?

Remember in 2016 when Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) almost won the Democratic presidential nomination? The iconoclastic politician with the old-school progressive platform caught the attention of a lo …

UK Supreme Court Rules Against Boris Johnson’s Suspension of Parliament

The court ruled that Johnson’s efforts to hasten Brexit were unlawful but stopped short of accusing him of lying to the Queen.

Old Shows Go for Big Bucks in the New Streaming Wars

We’re supposedly living in a golden age of television, with seemingly endless options for the viewer with discriminating tastes. I’m inclined to believe it, because, in spite of Hollywood& …

Florida Mayor Calls for Assault Weapons Ban Because His “Prayers Aren’t Working”

We’ve heard plenty of politicians call for assault weapons bans or other gun control measures in recent months. We’ve also heard plenty of ridicule toward those who offer their prayers in …

BREAKING: Journalist Cokie Roberts Has Died at Age 75

Legendary journalist Cokie Roberts has passed away at the age of 75. She had worked as a reporter and host at ABC since 1988, and before that she worked at NPR and various local outlets. She was part …

Babylon Bee is Way Ahead of the Curve When It Comes to Snopes

A January Babylon Bee post poking at the fact checking site has become a Snopes-fulfilling prophecy.

Trolling Jon Ossoff

The GOP is going after the former rising Democratic star who is trying to bring himself back into the spotlight with a Senate run.

The Democrats Apparently Want to Turn America Gray

The frontrunners for the 2020 presidential nomination are all in their 70s.

Three States’ GOPs Are Cancelling 2020 Primaries

Most of the time, when an incumbent president is running for a second term, he’s a lock on his party’s nomination. It stands to reason that Donald Trump would be in this same boat for next …

What Happens When Your Church Sides with the World Over God’s Word?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen churches increasingly compromise with the world on doctrine, particularly when it comes to gay marriage. The Episcopal Church is one denomination that has sid …

Whoopi Goldberg Goes After the New Blacklisters

These calls for a new blacklist bring to mind a sort of corollary to the Golden Rule: don’t do something if you wouldn’t want it done to you.

CNN Announces an Epic Seven Hour Climate Change Town Hall

Ten Democratic presidential candidates will lecture a hand-selected audience on the need for more government control to combat climate change.

Music Festival Goers Witnessed Israel’s Iron Dome at Work

We’ve heard about the incredible technology that Israel puts to use in its Iron Dome defense system. But I would bet that not many of us have had the opportunity to see it at work like people in …


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