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Chris Queen

All Chris Queen wanted to be growing up was a game show host, a weather man, or James Bond. But his writing talent won out.

By day, Chris is a somewhat mild-mannered church communications director, but by night, he keeps his finger on the pulse of culture and writes about it. Chris’s interests include Disney, college sports — especially his beloved Georgia Bulldogs — and a wide variety of music.

A native of Marietta, GA, Chris moved with his family as a child to nearby Covington, GA, where he still makes his home. He is on staff at and a member of Eastridge Community Church and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

In addition to his work at The Resurgent, Chris spent nearly a decade writing at PJ Media, and he spent a year as a contributor to the late, lamented NewsReal Blog. He has also written for Celebrations Magazine and two newspapers in Metro Atlanta.

BREAKING NEWS: Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

Retired NBA star Kobe Bryant and four others have died in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, CA. The crash occurred around 10:00 PDT this morning. All five people on the helicopter were killed – …

AOC and Bernie Push Back on Criticisms of Socialism

JPMorgan’s CEO called socialism dangerous, but he didn’t have any problems taking bailout money.

The New York Times Makes a Surprising Endorsement

The newspaper has made the unprecedented step of endorsing two Democratic candidates this year.

Rand Paul’s Impeachment Hard Line

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul hasn’t been President Trump’s closest ally, but the impeachment fight has brought them together like never before. Paul is on a mission to end the impeachment tr …

The Latest Democratic Infighting: Warren Vs. Sanders

As the Democratic race for the White House draws closer to its agonizing conclusion, the infighting between candidates is heating up. This time, it’s Elizabeth Warren going after the Bernie Sand …

Glacier National Park is Updating Its Climate Change Alarmist Signs

Several years ago, the National Park Service placed signs throughout Glacier National Park in Montana informing visitors that the park’s glaciers would fully melt by 2020 due to man made climate …

More Democrats May Miss Out on Debates. Who’s at Fault?

But is the party to blame?

Mark Meadows Is Leaving Congress

One of the truest good guys in Congress is leaving at the end of his current term. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) announced this morning that he’s leaving the House. Meadows, a four-term lawmaker who …

A New Poll Shows Unsurprising Democratic Frontrunners

From time to time this campaign season, we’ve heard how one candidate or another is going to break through and win the Democratic nomination. For a while, Elizabeth Warren looked like she was go …

The Tories’ Big Night

The Conservatives won big in the UK, but what happens next?

Major League Baseball Lifts Marijuana Ban

In its efforts to combat opioid use among players, Major League Baseball is changing its approach to marijuana. The league has removed weed from its list of banned substances and will not test minor l …

LGBT Media Attacks Buttigieg for Volunteering for the Salvation Army

It must be tough to be a leftist these days. The sheer number of things you’re supposed to avoid is hard to keep up with. Nowadays, Democratic presidential candidate is under fire from the LGBTe …

College Football’s “Miracle Baby”

Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins is an inspiring story of a mom who chose life.

Elizabeth Warren Goes After Black Women Voters

This week’s Democratic debate in Atlanta has shifted some of the party’s focus to African-American voters, particularly women. Although black voters aren’t all monolithic, convention …

Is the DNC Afraid Of Tough Questions?

As the Democratic National Committee prepares for debates beyond the one that takes place in Atlanta this week, the conversation about who moderates these debates has come front and center. When Polit …

Advice from the Last Person Who Should Hand it Out to the Dems

Clearly Hillary didn’t learn a thing in 2016.

Fleeing Paradise: California’s Conservative Exodus

Generations of people flocked to California for the beautiful climate and landscape. Gold, entertainment, and industry lured people in to what seemed like paradise. But as California has drifted furth …

Celebrating the Reformation Reminds Us That God’s Word Is Always Important

Halloween is a fun holiday, especially for those of us who love candy. It’s fun to see kids in costumes and just enjoy the hijinks. (I’m not going to debate whether we should celebrate it …

Booing the President at the World Series is a Symptom of Our Polarized Nation

Stay classy, Washington.

Mexico is Losing Its Security to the Drug Cartels

We’ve heard analysts and pundits say for a while now that Mexico is in chaos, but we saw it first hand last week when forces aligned with a drug cartel defeated the military in a battle in the c …


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