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Conversations With Congressman Getting Groceries 04-11-18

Paul Ryan, Congressman, Trump, Grocery Store, Facebook and Republican Debt.

Non-diverse Diversity 04-05-18

Kevin Williamson, Diversity, Immigration and Scott Pruitt.

A Kernel Of Truth 04-04-18

Delta, Tax Cuts, YouTube, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mueller Investigation.

Postal Service Politics 04-03-18

Post Office, Amazon, Democrats, National Guard, Border Security and Scott Pruit.

Democracy Dies In The Darkness 04-02-18

Trade War, Roseanne, Sinclair, David Hogg, Refugee Convoy and Condom Snorting.

Broken Promises 03-22-18

Omnibus Bill, John Dowd, Hidden Predator Act, Trade War and China.

To Hack Or Not To Hack 03-19-18

Facebook, Data, Andrew McCabe, California Supreme Court and Tyranny.

You Can Say No 03-15-18

United, Gun Control, Florida, School Discipline, Trump and Justin Trudeau.

Student Astroturf 03-14-18

Astroturf, Gun Control, Protests, Larry Kudlow and Special Elections

Pink Slip Tweets 03-13-18

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Virtue Signal Campaigns 03-12-18

MS-13, Louis Farrakhan, Russia, Ted Cruz, Virtue Signaling and US Senate.

High Times 03-07-18

Infrastructure Bill, Daylight Savings, Democratic Wave and Marijuana.

Trade War 03-06-18

Trade War, Bethany Mandel, Gun Rights, Texas and Stop Gun Violence Act.

Sticks And Stones 03-05-18

Jake Tapper, Sam Nunberg, Tariff, Imports, Midterm Elections and President For Life.

Presidential Flip Flops Are Cool Again 02-28-18

Governor Deal, Delta, NRA, President Trump, Gun Control and Jeff Sessions.

Business and Government Make Shady Bedfellows 02-27-18

Georgia Legislature, Delta, Tax Breaks, Gun Control, Media, Voting Integrity and Compromise.

A Bully By Any Other Name 02-26-18

Georgia Legislature, Casey Cagle, Delta, Tax Break, Broward County, Sheriff Israel and David Hogg.

NRA vs Media 02-22-18

CNN, NRA, Town Hall, School Legislation and Faith.

Dupes Being Duped 02-21-18

Misinformation, Gun Control, Russia, Propaganda and Billy Graham.

Live Lounge with Stacey Abrams 02-20-18

Tonight Erick sits down with Stacey Abrams who is running for governor in Georgia.


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