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Anna Zeigler

Anna is a writer and an adjunct instructor, which allows her to teach part-time and mother full-time. She lives in Louisiana with her husband and their two young children. You can find her on Twitter @ajzeigler.

Summer’s End

The actual social commentary is not the content of Cuties but rather the fact that what amounts to child pornography was scripted, filmed, released to the public, and the public is being told to watch …

Losing the Plot

No one loses the plot faster than a government official, and the extent to which we have veered off the rails since the arrival of COVID is staggering.

A Little Hurricane History

In August of 2005 I was set to begin my second and final year of graduate school. Days before the semester began I received a call from one of my professors. The department needed someone to teach a S …

Dying to Survive

There are two things no government official can fully bend to their will regardless of how many edicts they issue from on high: a virus and human nature. We have ignored basic facts about both since M …

On Christianity, Politics, and Power

Christianity does have power. This was true long before America existed, and, should America as we know her cease to exist, Christianity will still have power.

The American Auto: A Hundred Years of Symbolism

The car scene in America is in some ways unchanged from the America Fitzgerald attempted to depict: a land teeming with a variety of vehicles to which some attach tremendous motive and meaning.

Harris’s Haunting Record

In their fervor to select a female running mate for Biden his campaign would be wise to pause and consider the folly in selecting a woman whose public record paints a picture of an authoritarian tyran …

Family Ties

The government should recognize that families have different needs, children have different needs, and it is hubristic folly to assume there is any universal solution to the myriad of caregiving needs …

Suburban Stampede

COVID-19 has changed life for most every American in some way. Some of these changes will be temporary, but it’s foolish to assume the virus will not permanently impact this nation in some significa …

Taming the Beast

People will do what people will do so long as they know they can get away with it. It is past time the adults who have the authority to erect and enforce the guardrails do so.

The Illusion of Control

What are we trading for this false sense of control over a virus? For a sense of control over others? These are questions we should ask ourselves daily as we continue to navigate this virus.

The Value of Relics

A private art collector in Valencia, Spain, paid a furniture restorer to clean the Immaculate Conception, a famous piece by baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The restoration didn’t go well, …

All By Myself

God created us for Him and for each other. Serve Him by serving others.

Drowning in Chaos

Instead of maturely discussing police reform Americans are busy policing speech and issuing giant scarlet Cs to designate the Cancelled, those whose public statements don’t meet the rigorous standar …

The Crisis Games

People made excruciating decisions about major life events, decisions that will haunt them the rest of their lives, because they were following the rules. To see the rules fall away overnight is a har …

A Perfect Storm

Your happiness is not the government’s responsibility; securing an environment in which you can live in relative safety and pursue happiness is their responsibility.

On Manliness and Men’s Voting Habits

. . . many who vote for Trump did so and will do so again this year not because they see themselves reflected in his actions or his words, not because they herald him as the epitome of manliness, but …

The Tick-Tock of the Lockdown Clock

Anyone who says we must remain in our homes until the virus is no longer a threat is ignoring both the nature of a virus as well as human nature.

Lonely Joe

  In all my memories of Presidential campaigns the common theme is, well, people, throngs and throngs of people surrounding a smiling, waving candidate whose presence appears to electrify those i …

Childcare in a Post-COVID-19 America

Our children are only little and in need of supervision for a few years in the grand scheme of things. I pray many parents rethink their orientation toward work and childcare during this time.


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