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Amy McGrath: No Fear…No Chance?

Amy McGrath declares her candidacy for US Senate and immediately becomes a Quixotic figure.

America Can—and Should—Do Better

Congress must act, quickly, to provide humanitarian relief at Border Patrol detention facilities.

Effort to Save Black Lives Called White Supremacy

Portland seeks to raise awareness of earthquake danger, faces misplaced backlash.

Cocaine Mitch: Winning the Perception Game

Senator McConnell will be the real winner of this shutdown mess.

DeSantis prevails over Gillum.

Ron DeSantis defeated Andrew Gillum by fewer than 80K votes

Watching the KY6 race

Andy Barr faces a tough race against Amy McGrath

Garbage Data makes for Garbage Predictions

Pollsters and campaigns are operating with increasingly unverifiable data.

Why Can’t Democrats Understand Us?

We vote as individuals, not as a gender-based block.

Death Tolls and Partisan Blinders

What do hurricanes and police shootings have in common? Nothing, except in our polarized political culture.

Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”: A hero out of time?

The world needs Jack Ryan, but can he exist in our world?

Roundup Cancerous Cereals!

Unless you use Roundup instead of milk on your Cheerios, you’re fine.

The Thai Rescue: A Light Through the Gloom

Humans the world over pulled together for the Wild Boars. We should preserve that spirit of cooperation.

Democrats: Check Yourself

If Democrats truly care about stopping Trump, they need to curtail their own histrionics.

Manafort will Await Trial in Jail

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s bail has been revoked.

Homeschooling is not a Bubble

Homeschooling doesn’t guarantee safety.

Kentucky State House Race Upset Highlights Teachers’ Ire

Kentucky’s 71st House district GOP primary has made national news after the floor leader for the GOP was defeated.

Smaller Classes for a Better Report Card

Our national public schools received their report card for 2017—will failing grades lead to real change?

Cambridge Analytica Seeks to Fade Away

The data team most closely related to President’s Trump 2016 campaign, Cambridge Analytica, has shuttered all of its offices. The company has already filed for “insolvency” in the …

Cambridge Analytica Seeks to Fade Away

Cambridge Analytica is closing, but the investigations remain

In Good-bye to Seattle, Local Man Highlights City’s Rot

Leaving Seattle but taking your voting pattern with you, won’t change your situation.


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