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ISIS-held Territory Reduced to Small Plot

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Da’ish, once controlled large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria. This Sunni Islam …

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest in Georgia

This weekend, Westboro Baptist Church – based in Topeka, Kansas – plans to protest six Christian congregations in Gainesville, Georgia. The exact reasons for choosing these particular cong …

Snowmageddon Chili

Chili recipes approach the level of religious devotion, so with some trepidation, here is my recipe. It’s got a relatively mild, but satisfying heat to it. I make enough for four people, plus le …

U.S. in Peace Talks with Taliban

It is being reported that negotiators from the United States and officials from the Taliban “have agreed to an initial framework for a peace deal that could lead to the withdrawal of American fo …

Wiener schnitzel with pairings

Wiener Schnitzel Supreme

Do you crave German food? Do the smells of sauerkraut and red cabbage excite your palate? Do you dream of the Rhine? Is Arminius one of your heroes? Well, Wiener schnitzel may be for you! Growing up, …

Devoid of God and Facts

Something Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recently returned my mind to a theme I had been contemplating over the Christmas holiday.  I’ll get to that in a second and why, but first let me cite her st …

Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

Late last week an article was making the rounds concerning comments about the Old Testament by Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in the Atlanta area. In an article in Relevant Magaz …

U.S. Navy Ship Sails Near Disputed Paracel Islands, Angering China

China claims the islands as its own, along with most of the South China Sea

China’s Space Program Achieves Historic First

Chinese lander reaches dark side of the moon

Important 2nd Amendment Victory in NY – Related to Nunchucks?

Why this case is about more than martial arts

What’s Become of the Boy Scouts?

Declining membership, sexual abuse scandal, potential bankruptcy

UNC Chapel Hill Teachers Holding Grades Hostage over Silent Sam

Some teachers are refusing to release grades until demands are met

Social Media User Verification?

Should users verify their identities for social media accounts to cut down on “fake news” and propaganda?

Russia Seizes Ukrainian Naval Vessels – Ukraine Claims Impending Ground Attack

Russia is at it again in the Crimean Region

Ocasio-Cortez Already Creating Smoke

The Democrats Fight over Climate Change

“We Believe in Democracy, Unless We Lose”

It’s nice that the Left is so concerned about voting in Georgia

Aren’t Happy with Election Results? There’s Something You Can Do!

After every election, there’s bound to be disappointment, but there’s a path forward.

All Saints’ Day

About the Triduum of Allhallowtide

$600k in GoFundMe Donations for Justice Kavanaugh to go to Charity

Kavanaugh turns down donations, so the campaign organizer is sending the funds to three Catholic charities

Can We All Just Tone Down the Rhetoric a Bit?

Americans we disagree with politically are not our enemies


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