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A Christian’s Honest Political Dilemma

All of this is bad. None of it represents salt, or light, or Christ. One team is ignoring the wallet on the ground while the other is running into the adult bookstore, secretly fascinated by its wares (and arguably, a third team is picking up the wallet, keeping the cash, and selling the credit card numbers to hackers online).

If you’re already playing for a political team, this isn’t for you. It will just make you mad or become one more thing to ignore in your quest for bias confirmation. As a Christian, this election is fraught with more dilemmas than watching someone drop a wallet on the way into an adult bookstore. Do you pick it up and go in to hand it to the person who dropped it? Do you ignore a wallet on the ground? And surely, whatever you choose, someone from your church is watching.

Voting for Donald Trump is voting for a known philanderer, an unrepentant liar, a cheater in business, and a politician who acts like Peewee Herman at a Mensa meeting. Yet under Trump’s glandular bumbling, America has moved our Israel embassy to Jerusalem, exposing the empty threats of the anti-Israel crowd.

We’ve empowered Israel and its neighbors to seek the best alignments in a new Middle-Eastern power structure, without Uncle Sam staring over shoulders. We’ve exposed Iran as the evil regime it is. We’ve stripped naked the grift of global warming world-is-ending-in-a-year alarmists. Trump has broken the smug Acela media, and every ritual of presidential fealty to it.

But Trump has also incessantly covered for brutal dictators, kissed the hand of Vladimir Putin, praised the wonderful leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, waxed lovingly about his murderous friend Kim Jong-un, and done enough damage to economic and trade theory to set our alliances back 50 years. This is the chaos we’ve witnessed over four years.

How can any Christian vote for such a person and usher in another four years of shooting craps with America’s future?

Yet…there’s more.

Joe Biden is a nice man, a Catholic man, a family man. He supports the most extreme abortion-loving Democratic Party in history. These Democrats love abortion more than any nation in the world. Even pro-choice nations have reasonable limits on third trimester abortions, yet the Catholic Biden is fine representing a party that wants abortion right up to–and including–birth. If there’s a defining issue of actual moral panic in America right now, it’s abortion.

Though abortion itself is in decline, the legal “right” to it has never been more stridently pushed to the limits by a leftist power structure bent on stamping out Judeo-Christian moral limits than it is now. Joe Biden’s party will make it a priority do continue that fight, at the local, state, and federal level. How can this man claim to be Catholic?

If abortion was the only issue facing America, that would be enough for me never to cast a ballot for a Democrat. And mostly, it is. Does that mean, under any circumstance, for any office, I’d never, ever vote for someone with a (D) after the name? Remember, someone from the church is always watching.

No. I am not a vote-bot. If a Democrat was the best for a particular office, regardless of the party, I’d vote for the best choice.

But in this election for president, there are no best choices.

Presidential politics is so different from any other race because the president defines America, our priorities, our image to the world, and our discussions at dinner tables, more than any other position.

The political left, not Trump, has injected poison into our national discourse for the last two decades or more. Remember Barack Obama’s push to get people talking about universal health care during Thanksgiving dinner? That’s despicable. People need to focus more on talking about each other’s lives and loves and passions, not politics, at family occasions.

Now, it’s all about canceling your own parents.

Biden promises a more loving, nicer, America. But though there’s no doubt Joe is nice, his administration will be no more than a thin veneer, a gossamer shell of “nice” over a burning inferno of rage and vengeance raining down from his party. Sorry, I can’t vote for that.

I realize people are watching Christians. In the church, there are some who have chosen a team and they’re playing for that team, 100%. Those who have chosen Trump will go to any lengths to justify it: Trump is chosen by God; he’s a warrior for Christ; he’s fighting our battles. Funny, I thought Jesus fought our battles.

Those who have decided to fight against Trump will justify any action by Joe Biden’s enablers; they will defend his advanced age and evidence of mental decline. They will tolerate anything–including the suppression of their own faith–to get rid of Trump.

It is no cause for jubilation to watch secular people who despise the things and people of God emotionally break into rage machines–their rage will fuel their own march to Hell. It’s not cause for celebration if Joe Biden publicly melts down into a ball of incoherence. It’s no joyful occasion to hear Trump denigrate and insult Biden into defeat.

It’s not a happy day to see some of the good results of Trump’s term totally unwound by a Democratic Party bent on domination and punishment of all opposition. The medicine that will relieve us of Trump is also the same poison the left has been mainlining for decades. All our 401Ks and investment portfolios are likely to sink into years of depression with socialist politics reigning over our federal government.

It’s not a Godly result to see those who trusted in Trump fall into dark conspiracy, temptations to violence, and their own version of cancel culture. It’s not the vision of Reverend Martin Luther King to see the new Black segregationists take power, or to have anti-Semitic race baiters gain authority, riches and celebrity because they claim America is full of neo-Nazis (who are in reality a tiny, shriveled, cowardly group of mental defectives).

All of this is bad. None of it represents salt, or light, or Christ. One team is ignoring the wallet on the ground while the other is running into the adult bookstore, secretly fascinated by its wares (and arguably, a third team is picking up the wallet, keeping the cash, and selling the credit card numbers to hackers online).

Meanwhile, other members of the church are watching intently.

I am increasingly convinced that a vote for Trump is the less bad option. The rioters will riot. Those who are emotionally broken by Trump will become more broken. And the government will work mightily to constrain the battalion of loose cannons Trump randomly points, loads and fires online, in speeches, and with policies. Better they do that than focus their obsession for control on me and you and the barber down the street.

If Trump loses, get ready for a wave of hate, cancellation, persecution, and subjugation as we haven’t seen in America since the Civil War, and before that, since King George III signed the Stamp Act.

Either way, as a Christian, none of the options are good. I’ll let Christ fight my battles, and cast my ballot with a clean conscience, knowing that my vote isn’t my fealty or pledge of obedience. If you hate me for that, then you need a few lessons in love. You won’t get it from politics.


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