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All good and bad things must come to an end. Kind of. Here's what to watch this weekend!

I moved last week. Meaning, I changed cities.

It was a career thing, a shift from one job to another. And I didn’t schlep everything cross-country or something. Just a few hours, city to city, within the same state.

But it got me thinking about endings.

Not to get too existential in a silly college football column, but everything ends. Whether that end is good or not, you’d think, depends on the thing that is being ended. For instance, if I’m mouthing off about how a team who was prevented by bureaucracy from playing me in a football game is “scared,” it would be good if that ended. (Hi, Dana Holgorsen!) Or if I was really used to going to the College Football Playoff, it would be bad if that ended. (Hi, Alabama!)

Then there’s the rarest ending of all. A good thing ends, but the ending is good. People have different names for this. A common one is “bittersweet.”

This is my last college football column at The Resurgent. And it’s bittersweet.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Watching College Football’s going anywhere. But this weekly article was hopelessly, hilariously out of place among The Resurgent’s more political content.

Instead, from now on you can find these weekly game schedules (plus rankings, news updates, and a bunch more football content) over at Or follow me on Twitter! Or both! The world is your oyster.

My deepest thanks to site editor Erick Erickson for providing my crazy sports ramblings with a home here for so long.

Something else ends this week too, something that’s bad: The SEC offseason.

Yes, at last we’ve got conference play among all 3 Power 5 conferences that have the heart to give this season a go. And that means a stacked Saturday slate of games. Which won’t waste your time? That’s what I’m here to help you figure out!

Remember, if your team’s playing just ignore my advice and put ’em on your Big Screen, and all times are in God’s Time Zone (CST). Here we go!


Big Screen: How can I possibly justify placing Auburn vs. Kentucky (11a, SECN) at the top of this group of games? Well, the Tigers’ Bo Nix was a ton of fun to watch last year, and although the Wildcats lose legitimate do-everything threat Lynn Bowden, they return a terrifying and experienced D. And as a general rule, evenly-matched mid-tier games sometimes get stabby.

Small Screen: Florida vs. Ole Miss (11a, ESPN) sees the debut of Lane Kiffin, whose arrival to Oxford has Ole Miss fans convinced their best days are ahead. If Kif gets the Rebel D hyped up enough, he could shock the prohibitive SEC East favorites. Don’t ask me why the expectations are so high for the Gators this year. Maybe it’s just impatience, or maybe it’s that thing pundits do with Texas and USC and Notre Dame every year: “Well, they’ve got the talent, and they’re a big name!” The difference with Florida: They also have across-the-board experience. That counts.

Watch the Score: Louisville vs. Pitt (11a, ACCN), Iowa State vs. TCU (12:30p, FS1)


Big Screen: LSU vs. Mississippi State (2:30p, CBS) gives America its first chance to how the now-Burrow-less Bayou Bengals follow up last year’s record-smashing campaign. They get the Bulldogs to start, now led by noted lunatic Mike Leach. This would’ve been the year to play MSU in Starkville, given the reduced stadium capacity would’ve meant a ton less CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA from the cowbells in the stands. Alas, the Tigahs will have to settle for playing in front of a home crowd. Such is life.

Small Screen: Army vs. Cincinnati (2:30p, ESPN) brings together two undefeated teams. Yes, Cincy’s favored by double digits. No, I don’t know why that is when Army looked convincingly incredible against a stout Louisiana Monroe squad last week and all the Bearcats have done is beat Austin Peay. Am I saying this will be one of my Twitter-exclusive betting picks? Maybe.

Watch the Score: West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State (2:30p, ABC)


Big Screen: Florida State vs. Miami (6:30p, ABC) represents yet another golden opportunity to engage in our nation’s new favorite pastime: watching D’Eriq King make absolute fools out of lackluster ACC defenses. This is popcorn entertainment, a hilarious Harlem Globetrotters matchup played out on a football field. I don’t see any way it will be close, but this Canes/Noles rivalry clash will be fun – at least half the time.

Small Screen: NC State vs. Virginia Tech (7p, ACCN) exists. That’s about the most you can say for it. It exists, and given how relentlessly fine both of these teams are, it probably won’t end 0-0 like another infamous game involving the Hokies. It’s background noise. Watch it accordingly.

Watch the Score: Alabama vs. Mizzou (6p, ESPN)


Big Screen: At last, interesting #AfterDark football! Troy vs. BYU (9:15p, ESPN) takes over the PAC-12’s usual late night domain. Both the Trojans and the Cougars impressed, albeit against weak-sauce competition. But BYU has a limited number of national opportunities to really impress as an independent team, and they have the pitch-black hours all to themselves this week. I expect they’ll want it more.

Once again, please check out future editions of this column, my conference rankings, my betting picks, and much more at, or follow me on Twitter! And as always, happy watching!


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