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Now Is Not The Time To Start Believing Trump

Trump answered as he answers all loaded questions: "We're going to have to see what happens." And ten thousand reporters found their thrill.

For nearly five years, the media has riffed how Donald Trump cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They even keep a count of his lies. When Trump said last winter that coronavirus will just go away in the springtime, the media pilloried him. The Washington Post’s overworked fact-checker gave Trump a “Bottomless Pinnochio.” But now, 40 days before the election, the media has decided to take the president at his word. Overnight, they’ve become true believers in Trump’s truthfulness.

Why? Because they asked if he would “commit here today for a peaceful transferral of power after the November election.” Normally, that’s not even a question anyone would ask a sitting president. A peaceful transition from one chief executive to another is a hallmark of American government. It’s taken for granted. But the media’s lust for civil war porn must be satisfied.

Trump answered as he answers all loaded questions: “We’re going to have to see what happens.” And ten thousand reporters found their thrill.

The reporter who asked the question is, fittingly, Brian Karem, of Playboy magazine.

“I understand that, but people are rioting,” responded the reporter, Brian Karem of Playboy magazine, who repeated the question.

“Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation,” the president said. That was an apparent reference to mail-in ballots, which for months he has railed against, without evidence, as rife with fraud and likely to produce a delayed, tainted or outright illegitimate election result.

Why should President Trump say anything that would amount to a tacit admission that he’s going to lose the race? Why would he telegraph his concession in a press conference? What president would do that? Can you even imagine such a question thrown at Barack Obama?

Back in May, The Washington Post questioned whether Trump’s administration is really “preparing to hand over power.” In May.

Presidential transition is an enormous undertaking, led by mostly unknown agencies. For example, in May 2016, President Barack Obama established a White House Transition Coordinating Council and an Agency Transition Directors Council that included leadership from the General Services Administration (GSA), the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). President George W. Bush took similar steps in 2008. Experts agree that facilitating a smooth transition is critical to governance even if a president is reelected.

Two things emerge here. One, Barack Obama was convinced he’d be handing over power to Hillary Clinton. He spent his last month and a half in office laying the groundwork for fighting Trump from the inside and preparing impeachable evidence. Two, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama had served two terms, and knew they were leaving. It was a grand goodbye for both of them.

Trump is locked in a battle for re-election. Did the media ask Obama in 2012 if he had sufficiently prepared to hand over power to President Romney? How would you have expected Obama to answer that? How about “We’ll see what happens.”

The civil war porn mongers in the anti-Trump media know what will happen. If Trump wins, there will be riots. They know because that’s the plan of Democrats: they’ve said it out loud.

It’s funny how no reporter is asking if Democrats are prepared to accept the results of the election if Trump wins. Of course, they know the answer there too. Barton Swaim wrote in the NY Post in July:

I mean no disrespect to my liberal friends when I say, to borrow Mr. Biden’s phrase, that I am absolutely convinced that Democrats won’t accept the result if the Republican wins. I say this because, with only two exceptions, liberals have considered every GOP presidential victory in the last half-century more or less illegitimate. The two exceptions were Richard Nixon’s defeat of George McGovern in 1972 and Ronald Reagan’s defeat of Walter Mondale in 1984. Both were so lopsided as to make allegations of dirty-trickery a waste of effort. (Nixon’s re-election was tainted by crimes, but they didn’t contribute to his victory in any meaningful way.)

The question isn’t if Trump will concede and exit the White House if he loses the election. If a Biden victory is solid and unquestionable (and there’s a decent chance of that), expect Trump to concede quickly and prepare to exit in the normal fashion (more or less), and launch the next thing in his quest for attention. Trump’s been in television a long time: He knows what to do when the show is canceled.

Instead, the question is really will Democrats hand over power and accept another four years of Trump? But Playboy reporters won’t ask that, because it’s not proper pin-up material to satisfy their political porn habit.

The president, for once, told the truth: “We’re going to have to see what happens” is not false and does not indicate the president’s intent to illegally seize power. But instead of calling him out for lying, as they’ve done 20,000 times, the media chose to believe him at his word this time. They did this because they want to advance the narrative that any Trump win is illegitimate, and because they can’t stop themselves from acting out their civil war porn lust.

But voters have caught on to this. Now is not the time to start believing Trump, especially when he’s telling the truth.


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