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If Joe Biden Says This, He Will Win

If Biden said that, he'd win, maybe in a landslide. Heck, I'd consider voting for him if he said that--if he said it and meant it.

Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, but as Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.” Looking at the race, Trump has the energy and the momentum, while Biden is looking, well, old. I mean, what the heck is this sentence, if you can call it a sentence?

Biden babbles. I realize Trump wanders through the valley of non-sequiturs too, but Biden is way deep into the duck blind, and the blind is in the second floor of the ladies’ department, or whatever. Jeez Louise, the man needs to keep it together before even liberals who detest Trump with supernova intensity start to question Biden’s mental ability.

I’ve written before that voting for Biden is really voting for President Harris, and she agrees with him. There are people who would cast a ballot for Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius rather than darken the oval for Trump. These are not the people who will win the election for Biden.

First, these voters have to show up to vote. The motivation to mail in a ballot early if your candidate is blathering his way to the assisted living wing tends to wane quickly. Second, they have to believe that a Biden administration will do something useful for them. And here’s where I had a piece of advice for Biden.

I truly believe, after hearing it again and again, over and over, that the candidate who promises to leave people alone (such as they can) the most, will win this election.

We know Trump is incapable of leaving things alone. He will continue his flamethrowing ways for the next four years. But if you’re Joe Regular living in Minnetonka, Minnesota, or Liberal Larry working in a tire shop in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, you can pretty much stay out of the path of Trump’s flamethrower. It might give you a massive headache listening to the news, but listening to the news is, as a rule, optional.

With Trump, we know what we’re going to get. Unless your job is somehow dependent on the federal government in a way that you could be affected by a Trump policy, or if you’re an undocumented alien worried about being deported, you’re pretty safe from the clutches of Trump, if you stay quiet and just live your life.

But with the far-left slash and burn squad, you’re not really safe. You don’t know if a white cop in your city will do something stupid to a black person, and then the buses full of Antifa bearing Molotov cocktails will show up to burn your tire shop to the ground. If you vote for Biden, there’s no guarantee the burning will stop. There’s no guarantee you’ll be left alone, unless Joe Biden tells you so.

To win, all Biden has to do is stand up and say this:

“If you elect me, I promise that I’ll leave you alone to live your life. I promise that we will pull back the screaming, the “lock him up!” shouts, and the war against the media. If the media wants to criticize me, that’s okay. I’ll offer them a coke and a smile.”

“But the main thing is, we’ll make the police better, not defund them or dismantle them. We’ll stop the looting because law and order are more important than just words and tweets. We’ll make the cities safe again so stores can open and people can shop–with masks until we lick this virus.”

“The main thing is, we’ll leave you alone to live your life quietly, to raise your kids, to save for retirement, and have a retirement you deserve as an American.”

“I promise not to let radicals, from either side of the political fringe, come after you. I want you to live and enjoy life, and do it without the constant fear we’ve seen the last four years.”

If Biden said that, he’d win, maybe in a landslide. Heck, I’d consider voting for him if he said that–if he said it and meant it.

But the people who write Biden’s teleprompter speeches are stupid, so they won’t have him say that. Even if Joe Biden believed it (and I actually think he does), they would not let him say it. They are very much targeting their core audience–the ones who tell Joe “don’t concede” if he loses. They are so focused on beating Trump at his own game, that they’ve lost the pulse of real Americans who are just tired of the fighting and punching and chaos.

Many of these Americans look at what’s going on in big cities, and spreading to places like Rochester, NY, and they blame far-leftists for it. They don’t want to vote for Trump, but they’re more scared of what will happen if Biden wins and the mob turns its sights on them. At least Trump has shown he will continue to fight and never stop. The left has shown they will continue to target cities, individuals, and perceived enemies, and never stop. Which is more to be feared?

I don’t believe Biden can beat Trump in the end, just be not being Trump. He has to offer something Trump can’t offer: to leave you alone.

Unfortunately for Joe, there’s probably no way Biden’s handlers will ever let him make that promise.

Joe won’t make the promise, so Trump will make it. And people will vote for the guy who promises to leave them alone, even if they know he won’t keep the promise.

At least, when Biden loses, I can say with a clear conscience that I tried to give him his best shot. Then again, there’s no guarantee Biden can keep things together enough to make it to November without a public meltdown.

The guy who will leave us alone will win. Remember that.


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