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Harris Scoring Cheap Political Points

I’m sure Kamala Harris could sense it as her meeting with the Blake family approached.  Her political instincts (such as they are) told her that on opportunity was at hand to score a few easy political points.  Not a lot of points, to be sure.  Certainly not enough to earn final victory.  But a few points, nonetheless.  And in the high stakes game of Presidential politics that she’s currently playing, she needs to take them wherever she can get them.

The event took place at a private airport in Wisconsin where she met with the family of Jacob Blake who is recovering from gunshot wounds suffered during an encounter with police on August 23 of this year.  Reports say that during this meeting, she also spoke with Jacob Blake himself via phone as he is recovering from those injuries in the hospital.

In a statement released by the family attorney, it is reported that Jacob Blake told Harris that he was proud of her and that she, in turn, expressed pride in him.  This raises an obvious question: what exactly is she proud of? 

Was she proud of the fact that he was illegally on the premises of his ex-girlfriend?

Was she proud of the fact that he had forcefully taken her keys and was refusing to give them back?

Was she proud of the fact that he had an active warrant out for his arrest on charges of sexual assault?

Was she proud of the fact that that he resisted arrest once the officers arrived on the scene, including successfully resisting the officers attempt to tase him?

Was she proud of the fact that he began assaulting the officers during this confrontation?

Was she proud of the fact that, at the moment he was shot, he was reaching for a knife that he, presumably, intended to use in his ongoing confrontation with the police?

Was she proud of the fact that his actions placed several children in danger?

All of these are the facts of the case and they are the sequence of events that led to Jacob Blake being shot and in the hospital.  Now I’m not saying that Blake deserved to be shot.  I’m not saying that at all.  But I am saying that this was a predictable outcome to the decisions that he made.  He wasn’t forced into going to the home of his ex in violation of a restraining order, he chose that.  He wasn’t forced into resisting a legitimate, court sanctioned arrest for past offenses, he chose that.  He most emphatically was not forced to assault police officers and attempt to retrieve a knife from his vehicle for that purpose, he chose that.

So, which of these actions was Kamala Harris proud of? 

Or were they just words?  Was she just speaking so as to score a few easy political points?  Was she just telling Blake, and by extension the black community, what she thought they wanted to hear so that she could maintain their support for the coming election and increase her chances winning Wisconsin, a battleground state?  Was she just thinking of her campaign to become Vice-President? 

I think we all know the answer to that.


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