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A Little Rioting Is Okay, Or They’d Stop The Violence

Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago's leaders want there to be a little violence, because violence makes the news. They are cynically playing for the headlines, and so they can have it happen on Trump's watch. This is the only possible explanation.

“Why haven’t you stopped the violence?” no liberal mayor is ever asked.

There’s an air of absurd presumption beneath the riots smashing cities from the midwest to the west coast. It’s something so basic that you’d expect to hear reporters ask uncomfortable questions that go unasked.

The presumption is that the riots can’t be stopped.

The narrative is they can’ t be stopped because President Trump has created such an air of division and hatred that a group of less than 10,000 people can plunge the entire nation into blood and chaos. The fact that this is complete and utter bull excrement is left for the news consumer to discover. Many news consumers would rather believe in the air of division and hatred narrative, so they simply suspend disbelief, or worse, think that the punishment is just desserts for a nation that would dare elect Trump.

If you want to see people who claim to love America but act like they despise it, go look for people who claim that it’s Trump’s fault that Democratic mayors and governors in largely Democrat-populated cities are experiencing violence led by far-leftists and joined by opportunistic thugs.

The police in cities like Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and Kenosha could have stopped the violence. Of course they could have. It’s absurd to think that the police can’t stop it.

Let me qualify that: They could have if they were given permission to, and the backing of the elected politicians who run those cities. But Democrats who run those cities (and other places like New York City) have withheld support from their own police, who cannot do their jobs if they believe they are going to be blamed for doing their jobs.

This is not to say that there aren’t valid complaints against certain police actions and practices. Look at Breonna Taylor, for instance. Taylor was shot dead by police during a horribly and fatally botched no-knock raid in Louisville, Kentucky. Their investigation turned into a badly run coverup, slow-rolling the family and making justice a difficult concept to grasp.

Greg Fischer is the mayor of Louisville, and he is a Democrat, but one who doesn’t pander to the far-left. In response to Taylor’s death, he signed a ban on no-knock warrants. But nobody is burning Louisville to the ground. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear is also a Democrat. So, what’s the difference between Portland and Louisville?

Portland is a hive of far-leftists, who run one of the most brutal police departments in the nation. Certainly, Portland could have ended CHOP anytime the city wanted to. But Mayor Ted Wheeler would rather score political points by throwing his own police under the bus. A federal judge barred Portland PD from collecting video or audio evidence from protestors, at the behest of the ACLU.

So the riots continue in Portland, even to the point of executing an pro-Trump demonstrator for simply being there.

Chicago may not be able to stop its violent gang and gun problems, but it can be very effective in stopping rioting, but not too effective because the cameras were watching. There’s no excuse for Mayor Lori Lightfoot not to have used the city’s longstanding plan to stop violent demonstrations, but she’d rather have murder in broad daylight and looting at night in the affluent Miracle Mile so she could join the “blame Trump” narrative.

In Richmond, a truck was burned outside police headquarters, but 30 minutes up the interstate, the violence had not spread to the suburbs. Virginia, despite its liberal political lean, is filled with people who will gladly stand with the local police to defend life and property. They won’t be cowed into letting the cops pull back to “let them riot.”

In Atlanta, a Wendy’s was burned amidst protests following the police killing of Rayshard Brooks. The officer in that killing was fired, but the power-hungry district attorney who wanted to prosecute the officers, Paul Howard, still lost his primary bid, and will not serve another term.

The difference in why Atlanta was not consumed, and why violence did not spread into the suburbs, despite groups from both the Black and the white southern “Confederate flag” community, armed with long guns, demonstrating at Stone Mountain, is because Atlanta and Georgia in general are not restraining police and the use of National Guard to defend life and property.

In Georgia and Kentucky, folks are not okay with a little rioting. So when one starts to flare up, it’s stopped quickly.

Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago’s leaders want there to be a little violence, because violence makes the news. They are cynically playing for the headlines, and so they can have it happen on Trump’s watch. This is the only possible explanation.

No police department in a large U.S. city is so throughly corrupt that it should be completely dismantled. And the city leaders who say they will dismantle and defund the police are saying things they really know won’t happen, or that they can somehow avert the problems that come with having no effective police force.

As President Trump tweeted, Mayor Wheeler is a fool to hamstring his police (and no competent cop will want to work in Portland for a very long time), then refuse federal help.

But Wheeler thinks he’s not being foolish. He’s doing it on purpose, in service of the narrative.

In order to buy the narrative, you also have to buy the absurd proposition that the rioters are “mostly peaceful” yet the police are incapable of stopping the few agitators among them who show up armed and ready for violence.

Though it’s occurring on his watch, the violence sweeping America is not entirely Trump’s problem. Trump’s motormouth, the trash he hauls in his wake, and his infantile trolling of the media and Democrats, at the expense of his own party (“to own the libs”) certainly contributes to divisiveness in America. But it’s not Trump supporters who are torching Black businesses, and vandalizing government property.

All of that is being done by violent leftists and anarchists, allowed to have their way in Democrat-run American cities, whose leaders are okay with a little rioting to service the narrative. They could stop if it they wanted, and I suspect, on November 4th, law and order will suddenly make a tremendous resurgence if Joe Biden wins. The riots will stop–more accurately, they will be stopped.

But the longer they go on before November, the more likely it becomes (and I think it will be Biden’s downfall) that Trump will win, because enough voters are not willing to suspend disbelief and buy the absurdities beneath the narrative. Remember, it’s not the hardened Trump haters who need to believe it, it’s those who don’t like Trump, and need a reason to vote for him.

These cynical Democrats who think a little rioting is okay are giving them a reason.


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