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Biden’s Campaign Motto

Vote for Me or Your Cities Burn

In a nation of 350 million people, less than 10,000 are rioting in the streets of America. Heck, it is closer to 1,000. It is happening in overwhelmingly Democrat cities. It is happening overwhelmingly by progressive activists.

The media is focused pretty exclusively at the moment on Kyle Rittenhouse, who should never have been there playing police officer, but who it seems acted in self-defense when he shot those three people. However, in Portland a Trump support has been murdered. Initial reports suggest a member of Antifa killed the person because he was a Trump supporter. In California, someone shot at a line of Trump supporters driving down the road making noise.

The media and Democrats together seem pretty intent on saying this is all because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has caused the violence. Donald Trump has perpetuated the violence.

The Democrat denouncements of the violence have all been about “the violence” and Donald Trump encouraging the violence. We’re at a point where the major voices in the press and Democratic Party cannot blame anyone for their actions unless those people are on the right.

Therein lies a problem. It is not Donald Trump rioting in Wisconsin or Portland. It is not Donald Trump firing on pro-Trump supporters in Los Angeles. It is specific individuals and they are both of the left and affiliated with leftwing groups like Antifa.

Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and other media voices and Democrats have, however, assured us that Antifa is just anti-fascist like the troops storming the beaches at Normandy. It would be too much of a reversal for them to be truthful now. It would be too much to actually go after the leftwing agitators.

Instead, they blame Trump.

They always blame Trump. This is not to abdicate responsibility for the President stirring the pot. But the rioting is happening without pot stirring. The rioting is, purportedly, provoked by police violence. However, it is a bunch of white kid anarchists doing the rioting.

Democrat denouncements of the violence are in generality while leftwing blue checkmarks on Twitter claim violence against property is not violence and Chris Cilizza of CNN wants you to know the violence is not really rioting.

Y’all, I’m not above calling out the President on this stuff, but it really does seem to me that neither the media nor the Democratic Party really wants to call out the actual source of the violence — leftist and Antifa protestors. Again, it is not the President rioting. It is not his supporters burning down businesses.

A few weeks ago, the media tried to tell us that the riots in Portland were only because Trump sent federal authorities there. The Washington Post actually ran an Antifa protestor fashion segment providing a bit of hagiography for the protestors. Well, the feds are gone and the rioting continues.

This feels more and more like an orchestrated effort to extort Americans into voting for Biden. If you don’t want your cities to burn, you’ve got to throw Trump out of office. The beatings will continue until the presidency is improved.

Orwell could not do it better. Trump, the media wants us to know, is a fascist, but it is not his brownshirts in the streets intimidating anyone. It is the black-clad anti-fascists who Chris Cuomo tells us are just fighting bad guys. Except the bad guys are the shop owners of Wisconsin and Oregon.

It would help tremendously if Joe Biden came out and denounced the actual protestors not just violence in general. It is notable that when Trump condemned violence on both sides in Charlotte, the media assailed him. With Biden, he gets praised for doing the same.

Democrats, though, really have internalized that this is all related to Donald Trump and, as a result, can not condemn the actual agitators nor condemn the blue checkmarks on Twitter who encourage this all and claim burning buildings is not violence. Nor will the press take issue with Chris Murphy for this:

James Hodgkinson was emboldened because of rhetoric from the left like this and he attempted the mass assassination of Republican members of Congress.

For all the members of the press condemning the President’s rhetoric, let’s not hold our breath on any denouncement of this or of Nancy Pelosi referring to Republicans as enemies of the people.

Only Donald Trump is subject to media condemnation these days and the rioters and looters are not people of will. They are just guided by Trump.

This is all rather pathetic. It also plays right into Donald Trump’s hands. His campaign team knows the left cannot help themselves right now.


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