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Let the Gaslighting Begin

Unless you spent all of yesterday in bed, you probably noticed that quite a few Democratic politicians managed to work up the gumption to do something none of them have been able to do for three months.  That is, they managed to condemn the rioting and looting being perpetrated in many cities across our country. 

It doesn’t take a professional political observer and commentator to figure out what’s going on.  The Democrats, either the party or the Presidential campaign, got some kind of internal polling that told them this rioting, and their lack of response to it, was setting them up for a huge loss in November.  And since they had failed to mention, much less condemn, the violence at their convention last week, and since both Trump and Pence were set to make their acceptance speeches where they were expected to hit the issue hard, it became imperative for them to reverse course immediately. 

Additionally, the Democrat strategy till now was to place President Trump in a no-win scenario.  If he did nothing to quell the violence, then they would accuse him of being the one who let it continue.  If he did intervene, then they would accuse him of abusing his authority and creating a police state.  President Trump disrupted this strategy, however, by forcefully stating that he would gladly deploy federal law enforcement to these areas, as long as it was at the request of the local authorities.  This was not only appropriate given our federal system, but it also placed the ball squarely back in the Democrat’s court.

One prominent example of the Democrats sudden condemnation of the violence came from Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington D.C.  In response to a viral video on Twitter of BLM groups harassing diners in D.C. restaurants, she said, “What I saw in those videos was highly inappropriate.  It was likely against the law if it was on private property but more importantly, I don’t think it had anything to do with demands for social justice.”

Then, in a Twitter post, the standard bearer himself, Joe Biden, finally condemned the violence after remaining silent about the issue for months, “Needless violence won’t heal us.”  He said.  “We need to end the violence—and peacefully come together to demand justice.”

Perhaps most telling of what the Democrats goal and strategy is came from CNN’s Don Lemon.  When speaking of the rioting and looting in places like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Kenosha he accidently said the quiet part loud.  “The rioting has to stop…it’s showing up in the polling, it’s showing up in focus groups.”  He thus demonstrated what the true concern of the Democrats and the left is in these situations.  They are not concerned with the people getting hurt, the property damage, or the livelihoods and businesses destroyed.  Their concern is with the fallout from these events at the ballot box.

So, with Democrats having suddenly made this change in strategy, what should we expect from here?  Well, over the course of the next few months, but especially in the weeks to come, I would expect the Democrats and their allies in the left leaning media to engage in an intense, focused, and protracted attempt at gaslighting.

I’ve only recently learned the meaning of this term, gaslighting.  After having heard it used a number of times, I had a general idea, but I decided I should look it up.  What I found is that gaslighting is an act of manipulation that is characterized by forcing a person to question their thoughts, memories, and perceptions of the events going on around them.  One definition I found even said it was a form of mental abuse.

And this is exactly what I expect to see.

The Democrats, their media allies, and the Joe Biden campaign in particular will attempt to make us forget that while these riots raged for three months, they failed, repeatedly, to condemn them.  They will attempt to make us forget that these riots took place in cities that are controlled by Democrat mayors and states that are controlled by Democrat governors.  They will try to make us forget that they repeatedly referred to them as peaceful protests. 

They will do this by finding whatever video or audio they can of Democrats saying something negative about the riots.  An isolated statement here, an off-hand comment there, an off-the-record acknowledgement of the damage there.  They will then string these together and play that on repeat for the next few weeks.  They will try to convince us that these statements and comments were not the exception, but the norm.  They will try to portray it as being representative of a consistent and forceful condemnation from the very beginning. 

They will also try to convince us that it is Trump who was at fault in all of this.  They will repeat the line “This all happened on Trump’s watch” or some variation of it repeatedly.  They will expect us to forget that Trump offered federal assistance repeatedly and was rebuffed each time.  They will expect us to forget that many of these cities flirted with the idea of defunding the police even while those same police were being bombarded with bricks and fireworks.  They will expect us to forget that some of these cities even followed through on the defunding threat.

It is important for conservatives to remember that just because this is the Democratic plan, it doesn’t mean it’s a good plan and it doesn’t mean it will work.  Conservatives have a history of being easily dejected and dispirited.  A lot of times we often think its only a matter of time before Democrats and liberals outflank and score another win against us. 

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned this way because the last two Democratic Presidents (Clinton and Obama) were, in fact, good at it.  However, those two men were bright, charismatic, and (at the time of their Presidency) in their prime.  The current crop of Democratic leaders, (Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi) are not bright or charismatic and certainly not in their prime.  Furthermore, they are facing a President who, for all of his many faults, has a fighting spirit that won’t quit. 

The key to victory, in this case, is to never let up on reminding people of the truth.  Every attempt at gaslighting must be met with an equally forceful reminder of what happened the last few months and who was responsible for it.


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