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Trump Week: Issues Over Feelings, Fear, and Facts

President Trump offered his perfect answer to the Democrats’ virtual convention filled with literally phoned-in speeches: Trump, Trump, Trump and more Trump.

Trump will speak every night of the Republican National Convention. He will give his keynote speech Thursday night, but will be “actively engaged in each night” according to a report by The New York Times.

And why not? This is Trump’s brand, and it’s his week to make his pitch for why Americans should re-elect him over Joe Biden, who is still leading the RCP poll average by 7.6 points. Nobody can speak better on the issues Trump wants to talk about than he can himself, so again, why not?

In his four-night Trumpathon, the president should therefore focus on issues. He should propose legislation to give the USPS a few billion dollars to beef up the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to root out ballot fraud. He should explain his plan to bring back manufacturing jobs to America from China and other nations. He should review his recent diplomatic win in the Middle East. He should highlight China’s economic aggression. He should reassure the American people that law and order is alive and kicking (ass) in America.

Let’s review the issues Democrats put forth during their convention. (This space is for sale, because it’s totally empty.)

Really, Democrats offered nothing. It was all about feelings, fear, and some convenient spinning of facts. They clearly know that the election is about Trump, and that they could nominate (and have nominated) a potted plant to run against the president and win if voters are motivated by character and colored by the narrative bias of bicoastal educated media spin doctors.

But it’s more complicated than that, because American politics is all about branding now. Joe Biden will never be a brand, so all the Democrats have to sell is feelings and fear. Fortunately for the former VP, feelings is one of his strengths. I mean, look at Brayden Harrington, the New Hampshire teen who stutters and who Joe Biden genuinely helped and continues to help overcome his challenge.

Even the most cynical among us should acknowledge that this is an extraordinary act of kindness and empathy. If you’re one of those who thinks it was all staged, I disagree. Biden may be many things on the political stage, but this is really how he rolls in his non-political life. You won’t find a more encouraging person in Washington, D.C.

Democrats seem to be hoping that’s enough to offer–to awake us from a four year Excedrin headache of daily scandals, revelations, accusations, and fornication without expiation.

But it’s obvious they don’t think that’s enough. Because they’re trying to gild the lily by claiming Trump is messing with the USPS to slow the mail and purposely disenfranchise millions of Americans from voting. Since I limit my media intake pretty severely, I’ve missed the sheer intensity and coordination of this narrative.

Trump, in his typical over-the-top hyperbole, tweeted that the “greatest Election Fraud in our history is about to happen.” But the content of that tweet, an 8 minute Fox News video segment by Mark Levin, is absolutely correct (except for the communist “flood the system” part, though he does have a point even there). Check out the montage in the clip of how often the media falsely attributes mail slowdown to Trump’s personal interference with the Postal Service.

For most Americans, the Postal Service is not a major issue in life. Also for most Americans, getting access to vote in an election is not a giant hurdle. Only a small fringe of Americans who lack identification and also a permanent address need to worry about being not able to vote. But Democrats are relying on fear to motivate a large segment of Americans (especially Black Americans) to get out and vote, vote early, or vote by mail.

They are dangerously courting violent anarchists like Antifa and violent Marxists like the ones who run BLM in order to motivate minivan-driving suburban whites along with middle class Blacks to vote in November.

They figure if enough Americans believe their mail-in votes might not be counted because Trump monkeyed with the mail, they might be more complacent when a million or so unaccountable ballots show up around the country in various battlground states after Election Day and Democrats demand they be counted. Ballots postmarked on or after November 3, and received a week after the election, in some states, will be judicially ordered to be counted.

The election could take weeks to be decided, and hinge on whether certain ballots were legally cast, illegally cast, or questionable.

Trump’s tweet is referring to the possibility (not a certainty) that Democrats could harvest ballots in key districts on Election Day, and mail those ballots in, which normally would make them ineligible. But in states like Pennsylvania, and 46 other states that received warnings from the USPS regarding their absentee ballot timelines might not guarantee ballots will be delivered by Election Day, judges may grant the states’ request to extend the deadline for receipt.

If enough state elections get caught up in court, state secretaries of state may not be able to certify those elections until after December 14, the day for the Electoral College to vote, has passed. Then on January 6, 2021, Congress has to officially count and announce the result. But what if there’s no result to announce?

What if a few million ballots, with both postmarks and delivery dates in question, are caught up in court cases that make Florida’s 2000 “hanging chad” debate look like a speeding ticket? What if it looks like Trump wins but state governors refuse to certify the results because the Biden campaign is claiming they really won? What if Trump loses and challenges a few million mail-in ballots?

With possibly between 60 to 80 million mail-in ballots, that’s only 3 to 5 percent, enough to swing a few states, and the Electoral College. It will be a constitutional crisis and a legal mess possibly giving the Supreme Court a near unquestionable and unreviewable role in deciding the next president.

Trump’s Monday speech practically writes itself here. Democrats are pushing this theory that Trump is behind long-planned changes at the USPS, and Trump should give them some legislation to ensure he’s not going to monkey with the mail. They won’t take it, but it will show how their entire argument is nothing more than conspiratorial spin.

Tuesday’s speech can be about how Democrat mayors (white, liberal mayors) are simultaneously defunding their police departments while playing soft with violent rioters who threaten their streets each night, and are allowing that violence to spread into suburbs. These mayors are cynically hoping they can re-fund the police on November 4, after Biden wins on the backs of fearful suburban white collar voters.

Wednesday’s speech can highlight Trump’s unqualified support of Israel, from day one of his presidency, and his focus on building a Middle East peace based on real regional alignments of interest, not built on the shoulders of America’s wishcasting. This strategy has paid off with the historic normalizing of relations between Israel and the UAE, with possibly a quick addition of Sudan and Oman to the list.

Trump’s shredding of the JCPOA (“Iran deal”) and application of “maximum pressure” on the Islamic state has also yielded fruit. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon yet, and is suffering economic distress. Trump should ask what Biden would do to restrain Iran.

Thursday night is the big keynote, and should go straight to the economy, solving COVID-19 with a quick and effective vaccine, and “draining the swamp.” Trump’s second-term proposal for congressional term limits is popular on both sides of the political aisle among ordinary Americans, though it’s unlikely in the extreme to be passed.

Trump’s economic recovery proposal for a second term includes jobs for more than just service workers, white collar professionals and educators. He wants to bring back jobs from communist countries, and proposes paying bounties for those jobs–kind of like tariffs, but in reverse–in the form of tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies.

Of course, we can also expect a whole lot of outlandish and outrageous claims and promises from Trump, who can’t help but say things like “Mexico will pay for the wall.” However, these next four nights could make Trump’s play for an inside straight to victory possible. It could force Biden’s handlers to raise the bar from mere lucidity to actual issues.

But more likely, the Democrats and the media will simply double down on the character angle, the feelings, and and fear. Democrats don’t believe character, feelings and fear will be enough if Trump plays the right issues, and they may be right. The next four nights of Trump, Trump, Trump and more Trump will see how right they may be.


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