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President Trump’s 50-Point Second Term Agenda Silent on Abortion, Touts Space Force, Jobs

President Donald J. Trump’s campaign released Sunday the “Fighting for You!” agenda that will serve as a “set of core priorities for a second term.”

The campaign touts ten major focus areas for the President’s next four years:

-Eradicate COVID-19
-End our Reliance on China
-Drain the Swamp
-Defend our Police
-End Illegal Immigration and Protect American Workers
-Innovate for the Future
-America First Foreign Policy

In total, there are fifty priorities the Trump campaign outlines in its second term agenda. The launch of Space Force, the need to teach American exceptionalism, and congressional term limits all made the cut.

The issues of abortion and religious liberty, however, did not.

The release of Trump’s second term agenda arrived on the eve of the Republican National Convention and on the same day that the Republican National Committee officially re-adopted its 2016 platform. The 2016 platform mentions both religious liberty and abortion.

Regardless of the Trump campaign’s omission, abortion and religious liberty are likely to serve as important bellwether issues among evangelicals, many of whom are some of President Trump’s most ardent supporters.

The RNC’s speaker lineup for this week will not avoid conservative social issues. Former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson and Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, are both slated to speak.


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