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A Constitutional Alternative

With November approaching, Americans are facing a choice between Donald trump and Joe Biden. 

For many, President Trump’s erratic behavior and past amoral lifestyle have always been a deal breaker.  For others, his out of control spending, propensity for threatening to use executive action to get things done, and failure to follow through on promises have made the idea of voting for him again difficult.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a swamp creature of fifty years.  There’s no reason to think things would change under his presidency and as the campaign drags on, he continually embraces positions that are further and further to the left.

Many in this country want another reasonable alternative. 

Two of the most popular alternatives on the market are the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.  But these two parties carry their own baggage.  Another alternative, one that some of you might have heard of, is the Constitution Party. 

This Party was started in 1991 by Howard Phillips, a former official in the Nixon Administration.  The Party was originally known as the United States Tax Payers Party and changed its name to the Constitution Party in 1999 (although the Michigan affiliate is still known by the former name).  Of all the political parties in the country, the Constitution Party currently ranks fifth in number of registered members and it had fielded candidates in every Presidential election since 1992.

This year is no different.  Carrying the banner for the Constitution Party in 2020 is Don Blankenship of West Virginia and William Mohr of Michigan. 

If the name Don Blankenship rings a bell to you it might be because he ran in the West Virginia Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in 2018.  He would lose in a three-way race to Patrick Morrisey the current Attorney General of the state (Morrisey would go on to lose to incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin).  Prior to his involvement in politics, Blankenship spent several decades working for Massey Energy, a large coal company in West Virginia.  He would eventually rise to the position of CEO where he would frequently butt heads with unions.

The Party’s Vice-Presidential nominee is William Mohr.  He is a small businessman from West Michigan and has been involved in the leadership of the Constitution Party for several years.  This has included several runs for the Michigan state legislature.

I had the opportunity to meet William Mohr several weeks ago and he agreed to take several questions from me via e-mail for the benefit of The Resurgent readers.

So, without anything further , here you go.

 Question: What does the Constitution Party stand for?

Answer: Howard Phillips, founder of the Constitution Party, said about the party, “our simple, straightforward intention is to cut the federal government down to constitutional size, and to restore the separation of powers, the checks and balances, and the systems of accountability postulated by the framers.” This is our whole premise.

Question: Having researched it, I found that this party is more of a conservative, or right wing, party. What makes it different from the elements of the Republican Party that lean right wing?

Answer: We prefer to distance ourselves from grouping people into categorical names such as “right wing” or “left wing”. People are individuals and it is difficult to find two people with the same understanding and opinions on every issue. Even many “right wing conservatives”, when engaged in debate, are found to lack understanding of the Constitution and its application to so many issues of the day.  We are Constitutionists, and as such, we believe, as our founding fathers, that strict adherence to the Constitution is an absolute for the preservation of our freedoms and liberties for our posterity. The rule of law must prevail. We find very little of such understanding in any other political party in America today.

Question: How would a Constitution Party Administration have dealt with the recent Coronavirus pandemic?

Answer: Speaking as the Vice-Presidential candidate, the Federal Government is prohibited from addressing the so called Coronavirus pandemic. The 10th Amendment grants authority to the various states or to the people to address such situations. However, unlike the current administration which has blindly left the state Governors to address it, a Constitution party administration would prosecute Governors who violate the Constitution by dictating in such a way as to restrict the people’s Constitutional rights.

Question: How would a Constitution Party Administration deal with the recent rioting in big cities?

Answer: Destructive rioting has no place in America. The problem however, is a state problem and should be addressed by the states. Should the rioters or any organization supporting them cross state lines with intent to do destruction, the administration should step in and handle it with as much force as necessary to correct the problem.

Question: Does the Constitution Party see a problem with race relations in America today? If so, how would this party deal with such issues if given the chance?

Answer: Race relations are one of the biggest problems in America today and have been for many years. The answer to the problem is to ensure laws and policies apply equally to all men as opposed to favoring any group of color, nationality or any other natural differences between Americans. To grant a benefit to any one group over another is to rob the other of a benefit otherwise due to everyone.  The media is also guilty of promoting race relations in the name of free speech. As adherence to the Constitution is increased, corporate welfare will diminish and influence of the major media sources will diminish with it. This will encourage the rise of media that will present news accurately and honestly.

Question: Immigration and illegal immigration have been big issues ever since President Trump came down the escalator in 2015. Where does the constitution Party stand on this issue?

Answer: So called, “Illegal Immigration” is illegal and those who illegally enter this country should be prosecuted.  The Constitution Party demands that the federal government restore immigration policies based on the practice that potential immigrants will be disqualified from admission to the U.S. if, on the grounds of health, criminality, morals or financial dependence, they would impose an improper burden on the United States, any state or any citizen of the United States.

Question: President Trump has recently announced a plan to reduce American troop presence in Germany by about 1/3 and many on both sides of the aisle have criticized the decision. Where does the Constitution Party stand on this and how would your answer be indicative of the Party’s larger foreign policy?

Answer: The reasons for the transfer have not been disclosed to the public, it is therefore not wise to take a position on this issue.  The position of the Constitution Party is that we should bring our troops home and cease the practice of policing the world. Friendship with, and certain supporting activity for our allies is appropriate, but the application of political and military force around the world is not. The world is not ours to manipulate.  The sovereignty of nations must be respected.

Question: How would the Constitution Party deal with the many trade disputes and disparities America has around the world?

Answer: Trade should be fair, equal and encouraged. The maintenance of such policies to ensure that is an enumerated function of the federal government. Trade deals with other nations, if made, must be made with the sovereignty and advantage of the United States first and foremost. It should never cost or create a burden for us in any way to trade with other nations. Our industry can thrive and prosper, and we can self regulate without having to disadvantage ourselves in bad trade deals.

Question: Voting third party is often described as “throwing your vote away.” Why should someone take a chance on voting for a party that seemingly has no chance at success?

Answer: Voting for the right person for the job is never throwing away your vote. To vote for the “lesser of two evils” is the most abhorrent vote that can be cast when a qualified Constitutionist appears on the ballot.  A prime example is the 2008 elections. A majority of Democrats voted against John McCain and a majority of Republicans voted against Barack Obama. Constitution Party candidate, Chuck Baldwin was on the ballot for President. Had those who voted against one candidate or the other voted for the right candidate, Chuck Baldwin, we would be living in a different America than we are today; an America that was envisioned by our founding fathers.  Those who make the argument for “lesser of two evils” voting are, in reality, saying they will not vote for the right candidate because they don’t think he can get enough votes. A ridiculous argument indeed.

Question: Realistically speaking, what does your party hope to accomplish in 2020?

Answer: Victory. We slate numerous candidates around the country and are achieving more successful elections, and with larger offices consistently. Our goal is simply Good Governance. If there were another party with that promise to offer, we would not have to work so hard, but one cannot be found. Every election we offer good candidates for consideration by the voter, and many are able to win their elections. We gain in strength and numbers every election. To answer the question then, good governance by those of us elected and party strength for upcoming elections are our goals. The voters decide.

Bonus: How can someone learn more about the Don Blankenship campaign or the Constitution Party?




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