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Next Week, Lit QAnon Set to Burn the GOP: GA 14 Marjorie Greene

You better condemn George Soros if you want to hold high federal office in rural northwest Georgia. So tweets congressional candidate Marjorie Greene, who pulled down 40% of the vote in June’s primary.

Greene is seeking to replace Rep. Tom Graves, who announced his retirement in 2019. Graves was a fairly solid Republican, a fiscal conservative, who saw the writing on the wall after the 2018 Democrat seat flips. To say that Greene is “Trumpy” doesn’t do the word proper justice. Some quotes here. When asked by WSB-TV reporter Justin Gray if she was a QAnon follower, she answered:

Well, I think what we all need to recognize, and actually most people know about, and I’m sure you do as well, if you do follow the news, which I’m sure you do, is there is a deep state that exists.

Runoff candidate for Georgia’s 14th District could become first QAnon follower in Congress, WSB-TV, August 3, 2020

If you’re trying to interpret her answer, it would be a “yes.”

Greene is scary, in that she’s in construction, just like Trump, and she parrots him as if she was trying out for The Apprentice. She’s been accused by her GOP opponent, John Cowan (a surgeon) of failing to follow the law in her business regarding use of e-Verify, the government’s check against companies employing illegal aliens. You know, it’s construction–rough and tumble, anything for a buck, right? Keeping that liberal Soros out of Floyd County is more important, right?

She’s so scary that even super-conservative Rep. Jody Hice, a preacher, drew back in horror. “I find Marjorie Taylor Greene’s statements appalling and deeply troubling,” he wrote on Facebook, withdrawing his endorsement.

In fact, most (all?) of the GOP establishment has moved over to supporting Cowan since Politico published some of Greene’s more fringe videos and statements.

Georgia U.S. Reps. Rick Allen, Buddy Carter, Doug Collins and Austin Scott were among the incumbents who criticized Greene’s racially charged remarks. Handel, who is hoping to reclaim her seat in Congress, also weighed in.

Cowan gains steam in 14th District as Greene’s remarks draw scrutiny, AJC, June 18, 2020

Here’s the deal.

Greene got 43,845 votes in the June primary, a little less than double that Cowan (22,847) received. The runoff is next Tuesday, August 11. If Greene wins, she will pretty much be guaranteed her seat, since Democrats don’t do well in this district. Tom Graves trounced Democrat Steven Foster with over 76% of the vote in 2018. This year’s Democrat, Kevin Van Ausdal, is an Indiana transplant–he’s a nobody, politically speaking.

But if Greene wins Tuesday, watch Democrats use him and throw money into a lost race to discredit Greene further, and try to pry a few votes away from statewide races, like Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, not to mention President Trump. If Democrats can make northwest Georgia toxic to voters, it will be Republican voters’ fault.

Marjorie Greene holds the match to torch the GOP, because she represents the party as it would be if it were in fact burned down. A fringe group of conspiracy believers.

The only option here is to vote for John Cowan. Cowan is also pro-Trump, pro-2A and fills all the other checkboxes, except the “nutjob” one. If you live in the 14th district, I’d advise you to vote, and to put out the lit cigarette before she flicks it into a pool of kerosene.

(Disclosure: I’ve given a small contribution to Cowan’s campaign. If I can’t vote for him (I live in the 6th CD), at least I can help him out. I wouldn’t presume to ask anyone else to do that though.)


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