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What About Responsibility?

Being irresponsible to own the libs is just being irresponsible.

You might say that the essential difference between progressive liberal government advocates and libertarian or conservative devotees is their view on responsibility. There’s nothing like a worldwide pandemic crisis to highlight this.

In California, essential workers in the food industry and many service industries are being hit hard by coronavirus. But California’s leaders believe that businesses are automatically and irredeemably oppressors of workers. In that liberal bubble, corporations will always act irresponsibly toward workers: underpaying them, letting them get infected with COVID-19 and leaving them to die. Therefore the solution must always be more government oversight and constraint.

To the progressive, government (when run by progressives) is always more responsible than businesses or individuals. Of course, that’s ridiculous, since governments are made up of people, who themselves are the irresponsible idiots progressives want to control.

Government is also powerless in America’s individualist society to stop people from not wearing masks, regardless of what a governor orders. Indiana’s Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb ordered mandatory mask-wearing for his state’s residents over the age of eight. But there’s really no teeth to the order, since no criminal penalties are attached.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp is criticized because he refuses to mandate masks. However, Kemp believes Georgians should wear masks, just like Indiana. The difference is that in Indiana, there’s ink on paper supporting a “mandate” by a government powerless to enforce it.

People are going to wear masks if they believe masks are helpful. The science shows, on the whole, they are. The problem is that the science has been wrong on plenty of things, and the CDC wasn’t so hot on masks back in March. So people are confused.

Real people realize that the government can be just as irresponsible and wrong as progressives believe businesses and individuals (and Republicans) can be wrong. It doesn’t help that our president continues to tweet with no filter whatsoever, including a video by a pediatrician born in Cameroon, who got her medical degree in Nigeria, and loves to talk about demon sperm, dream sex, and the power of Jesus to smite Facebook. Dr. Stella Immanuel thinks masks are unnecessary, because hydrochloroquine “cures” COVID-19.

So we’re back to fish tank cleaner and bat guano crazy.

Personal responsibility, in business, in government, and in families, is the key to getting through coronavirus. Progressives think that only they, in charge of an all-powerful government, can enforce responsibility through power. People like Dr. Immanuel believe that only through faith and some very weird theology can we beat the virus. The Russians want to divide us and keep us confused with disinformation.

Facebook, Twitter and Google want to keep people from spreading bad information. When that’s the Russians, it’s good. But when it’s you or me, that’s really bad. Now that they’ve set themselves up as gatekeepers of truth, it’s really hard for them to back out of that role. It would be better if they decided not to limit speech at all, but instead simply create their own publishing and editorial organization. Then they can publish whatever they want, and say “this is fake news” just like the president does.

That would be more responsible.

In the same vein, we could all wear masks when we’re in public, and in places where we can’t socially distance ourselves. It’s irresponsible to think that coronavirus is some kind of political hoax, because tens of thousands are getting it every day. Chances are, someone you know has tested positive. Someone you know may have died.

If we, individually, can’t be responsible (including protestors, marchers, and activists of all stripes), then government will have to get more involved at some point. Mandatory orders like Gov. Holcombs would have to grow teeth, and otherwise lawful people will be locked up for being irresponsible–because too many of us have forgotten that our society requires responsibility to function.

Just because the president isn’t tweeting responsibly, and progressive liberals believe you aren’t going to be responsible anyway, that’s no reason for you to actually act the way they do, or they think you want to act.

Being irresponsible to own the libs is just being irresponsible.

In trying to make us act responsibly, enormous social media companies are being irresponsible. In trying to troll those companies, the president is being irresponsible. And in sorting through all the confusion, it’s easy for you and me to be irresponsible.

Don’t do the easy thing. Do the hard thing and sacrifice your “freedom,” voluntarily, even joyfully. Wear a mask in public. Practice social distancing. Take calculated risks. Go to work. Don’t take advantage of government programs by sitting home when you can work. If you run a business, don’t mistreat your employees and expose them to unnecessary risk.

We’ve been endowed by God with a brain, and the ability to see right from wrong. These decisions are not difficult, but acting on them, doing the right thing, can be hard.

I know that the message of the current age is not to do hard things. But responsibility demands it. Worse things await if we continue to ignore responsibility. (I’m not being doomsday here. Economic disaster, unrest, and all kinds of evil lurk in the future if we don’t act responsibly.)

Let’s prove the progressive liberals wrong, and let’s also not defend crackpots while doing it. Be responsible.


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