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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – The President Went Down to Georgia

The Erick Erickson Show. Call in at 877-973-7425

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Posted by The Resurgent on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Erick Erickson show is live! Here’s the plan for today.

Hour 1

  1. Georgia audit by county
  2. The masks, the graphs, and who to blame
    1. The balance of responsibility vs liberty
    2. Multiple factors
  3. Nick Cannon
  4. Jake Tapper unloads on Cuomo
    1. The victory lap is gross
    2. NY data is terrible
    3. Per capita shows how bad
  5. President is coming to Georgia

Hour 2

  1. Georgia audit by county
  2. Brian Kemp
  3. Trump’s trip
  4. Andy Puzder
  5. Back to school guidance

Hour 3 

  1. The Rose Garden campaign
    1. Media meltdown
    2. Biden flubs on kids
      1. Pizzagate
    3. Not really a big deal
    4. Now on the road
  2. Peter Navarro goes after Anthony Fauci
    1. Rather unprecedented
    2. A day after the White House says no effort against Fauci
  3. Matt Whitaker
  4. Board of Pardon and Parole


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