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You’re Not Going To Like This

First, let me put this out there to answer a bunch of emails from you guys at once. Yes, if you have a company that needs N95 masks or basic masks, please let me know. As I’ve mentioned, a friend’s company domestically manufactures masks, but not at consumer scale. So if you want less than 100,000 at a time, it’s not a good fit. But otherwise, I can connect you.

Second, Omaha Steaks is an advertiser on my evening radio show. I am a long time customer of theirs too and have been grilling my way through their latest offering. It’s kinda cool to advertise for a company that I’ve ordered from for so many years. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen it. You can order their Grand Summer Grill Out package here. It’s worth it.

Now, it is time for me to make all of you mad at me.

I’ve decided it is time for brutal honesty. I went to the beach with this on my mind and figured I would let it sit a week. But a week later, I feel more strongly than ever.

I think I hate everybody in politics right now and I’m not sure why I should even bother voting. The nation is failing and the conservative movement needs purging of a lot of conmen, charlatans, grifters, and hucksters who’ve aided and abetted the selling out of principle for profit.

The President of the United States was just fine in good times and got a lot accomplished, in spite of himself, but a person’s character is revealed in crisis and we should not be surprised that the man is revealed in crisis to be unfit for leadership during a crisis. Lest you think otherwise, the rest of the world is starting to go back to normal and the virus is running rampant here.

The very people that told us not to wear masks in February and March and then ridiculed Joe Biden for wearing a mask now have an erection for a President wearing a mask as if his own Surgeon General and other leaders were not telling us otherwise and he himself was treating mask-wearing as a sign of weakness.


But frankly, my issue is not really with the President. It is with his apologists who have shown themselves to be full of invective without much insight. The people who told us 2016 was a “Flight 93” election have crashed the plane and are now fighting over who to blame. Along the way, they showed themselves to lack the valor and integrity of those aboard the real Flight 93. Go down the rabbit hole of deep insight among that crew and you’ll realize many of these people are all bluster. Their ideas are as completely incompatible with the structure of our republic as the left’s ideas are. Their “nationalist-conservative” hybrid approach can’t work in a democracy when more than half the people hate their standard-bearer and they think they can somehow use the mechanisms of a national bureaucracy to steer a country to “national greatness” but can’t even fight a freaking microscopic virus with any credibility. Drag-queen storytime delenda est my left butt cheek. Good luck with that.

Trump hasn’t stopped the left — he bought them time to organize and fundraise and now seems set to lose to them in November through staggering incompetence in crisis. I’d be far more interested in engaging in this election if the President himself seemed like he even cared about it.

And what really pisses me off is when he goes down in flames because he lacks impulse control and character he will not only be taking with him a lot of good and decent people but probably costing the GOP several state legislatures. That will allow Democrats to redraw legislative lines to suit themselves for the next decade. At least, at least we will finally no longer have to hear Democrats whining about gerrymandering. Now the GOP can cry about it on deaf ears.

Then there are the Democrats.

Do you know the difference between Joe Biden and a tomato? A tomato is actually a fruit, not a vegetable. The leading luminaries of Reliable Sources on CNN, the gabfests of MSNBC, etc. have spent an inordinate amount of time on the mental fitness of Donald Trump to be President and have totally ignored their preferred candidate is a cadaver with a pulled back face who will be controlled by far-left activists.

The Democrats are too scared to even speak up against the mob right now because they are afraid the mob will turn on them. The mob is absolutely going to turn on them because the Democrats’ entire governing coalition is about ending the Trump Administration. Once it ends, the mob turns on itself like the orcs of Mordor with no hobbits around.

And then there is the press.

The lack of honesty from the press itself is another thing that bothers me.

It was the press that routinely referred to COVID-10 as the “Wuhan virus” until they decided it was racist. On CNN, more than one expert told us masks would do us no good and now they ridicule those who don’t wear them. Could we at least get some humility and acknowledgment that it was not just the administration, but an effort of experts in the press who pushed people not to wear masks?

And don’t give me that “but the administration said otherwise,” because you people in the press haven’t believed a single word this President and his administration have ever said. You own this as much as the White House does.

CNN has been letting Chris Cuomo give his brother routine passes and letting Don Lemon pontificate on Jesus badly. But then there’s Fox where the network seems so scared of OANN that it can’t bring itself to cover anything that might upset the President. At least Tucker Carlson seems to get it. Don’t get me started on MSNBC — it’s like Pornhub for Democrats.

The entirety of the press corps is so against Republicans right now and against Trump specifically that they have never even attempted a full picture of Andrew Cuomo’s New York and can’t put the virus into perspective elsewhere. Here’s some perspective you won’t see on TV.

The virus is worse than Trump supporters and the White House want you to know, but not as bad as your average reporter would have you believe.

When the nation is not squabbling over masks and both sides interpreting the data most favorable to making the other side look bad, we’ve got a cancel culture festival on our hands that is stupid led by stupid people who can’t distinguish between confederates and George Freaking Washington. The New York Times, Washington Post, etc. seem to have deployed a strategy whereby they throw everyone else to the mob hoping the mob will be placated before turning on them.

But hey, that cancel culture exists on both sides. You know how I know? When I said I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, I had people show up at my house to threaten my family and witnessed an organized effort to have me kicked off the radio. In fact, some of the very people most outraged about cancel culture right now were trying to cancel me because they just hated I wouldn’t hump Donald Trump’s leg with them and still won’t. I worked at Fox for five years and the last three basically got paid to stay off TV.

Both sides engage in cancel culture because both sides are tribal cultists of stupid people who no longer think for themselves and have all decided to abdicate personal responsibility to Washington, DC. The difference is the left is more powerful at cancel culture because the left is so dominant in the media so, for example, the left has been quite successful in complaining enough that you don’t see me on Meet the Press anymore, but the right was not able to get me taken off the radio. Let’s not pretend it is one-sided, but let’s also not pretend power is equal. And, in fairness to Meet the Press, it may be because I said I would vote for Trump that got me canceled and not the organized efforts of the left, though they sure did work hard completely with whining staffers from NBC complaining about the audacity of having a guy like me on TV.

In fact, therein lies the rub. What we’re arguing about right now is power, not principle. Character still counts and we have a bunch of people with terrible character competing to run the place and a bunch of leftists in the news industry and academic who have taken it upon themselves to decide which voices on the left and the right are legitimate. The President has terrible character and there’s no use pretending he doesn’t. The man cheated on his current wife while she was pregnant and he did so with a porn star. His Christian apologists would make Madonna blush at how they use the cross to self-pleasure themselves on piles of cash. They are so busy humping the man’s leg and trying to tell us everything is great that they are blind to the virus spreading. “It’s not bad. Look at the low death toll. Those other countries can’t compare. China!” they prattle on.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., Robert Jeffress, etc. are like chihuahuas in heat riding his master’s leg. It’s gross, sad, and pathetic at the same time.

On the opposite side, the cadaverous coffin parked corpse of a candidate for President has mouthpieces demanding an end to capitalism, an expansion of government, and more killing babies, targeting Christians, and destroying anyone who dares say something the left disagrees with.

The American public is forced to choose between a party that hates everyone not like them and a party that hates America itself.

I hate it all. I am a man without a party. If I vote, it’d be for Trump because I suspect we will get through this virus, and the policies those around him put in place will be far less damaging to the economy than those of the commies and kid-killers around Biden. But every day I just am so much more disgusted by it all, I really just want to sit on the sidelines and call it all as I see it with no real emotional investment in the outcome.

About the only thing I think matters right now is what we are all doing in our local communities and how we are resisting the siren songs of the tribes and turning instead back to faith. Faith is what matters and you’d never know it from the daily braying of jackasses on television. God is real and a whole lot of people are putting their faith in politicians and parties instead of Him.

There — that’s your moment of honesty from me. You can take it or leave it. I don’t care. It all sucks and I look forward to 2024 when a new generation of conservatives might actually return to principle after the suburbs gut and decapitate their party in November for daring to put leg humping for the sake of power above the courage of conviction. Maybe the two years in the wilderness watching Biden fill Ginsburg’s and Breyer’s seats with a Democrat-controlled Senate will make some of you people realize what just got squandered and what could have been.

Republicans are going to win on principle, but right now they seem to have abandoned principle because they’re scared someone might mean tweet them.

Oh, one last thing — that Lincoln Project is full of hucksters and grifters who didn’t have an in with the Trump team and are now riding a Biden wave trying to credit themselves with defeating Trump. They didn’t stop him last time. They won’t stop him this time. Let’s please stop pretending otherwise. Their entire shtick is getting media attention and if/when Biden wins they’ll claim credit for it and not deserve it.

But if you think the Lincoln Project people are bad, have you seen the huckster and grifters surrounding the President. I have to believe they are getting commissions off SMS messages because I get them every day and I am trying not to wish the people sending them get a bad case of coronavirus. It is infuriating just how many people have decided, on all sides, to cash in on the current calamity and most of them are retread failures from past campaigns who will suddenly ride a wave of other people’s success to claim credit for themselves. Everyone is making a buck and the ship of state is rudderless. The island of misfit toys has taken over and China, Russia, Iran, and the rest of the countries that hate us could not be happier.

But Gorsuch! And are you on Parler! Trump Flag Shirt reserved for you. There is no better way to show that you are a PROUD Trump patriot. Claim your t-shirt by 9 pm. (I actually just got that text message as I was finishing this)

At least the GOP will care about debt and deficits once Biden is there, but no one will care what they say since they used up all their credibility to hump Trump’s legs these past four years while bankrupting the nation. I’m sure the Republican survivors will be all for tax hikes while denying to their base they’re doing it — the very sort of behavior that led the party to Trump in the first place.

To hell with it all.


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