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LGBT Groups Try to Hijack Texas Sex Ed

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By Jonathan Covey, Director of Policy and James Wesolek, Communications Associate; Texas Values

For the first time since 1997, Texas education officials are revising statewide health standards for public school. While this should be an opportunity for reviewing and strengthening factual, biological standards, leftist LGBT advocacy groups are calling this review process a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to attack Texas’ abstinence-focused approach and teach medically inaccurate, highly sexualized LGBT indoctrination as young as kindergarten.    

Current law, codified in Texas Education Code 28.004, requires schools to teach an abstinence-focused approach to sex education.  This focus includes teaching students the biological realities of gender, the stages of puberty, dangers of STDs and HIV, and the link to positive life outcomes such as income, academic performance, and self-esteem found in delaying sex until marriage.

Radical pro-LGBT leftists however are constantly pushing “comprehensive” sex education, which is a code name for their radical sex education. Their approach assumes children are already having copious amounts of sex and therefore seeks to be all encompassing (hence comprehensive) of all sexual acts and identities to teach children to have sex correctly. It encourages sex to be explored at any age, with anyone they want male or female, that gender is “fluid” and has nothing to do with a child’s biological sex, and that birth control and abortion are basic rights which should be unapologetically promoted. Failure rates of contraceptives are ignored, and children are encouraged to have “safe sex” as often as they want, while any STD they may be exposed to can be treated medically. Studies have shown such an approach to sex –ed pressures children to have sex at a very young age, and may even make them feel like saying no to sexual activity is not an option. Monica Cline, a former Planned Parenthood sex education coordinator, has explained how one group of students she was teaching told her no one ever told them they didn’t have to have sex.

In Texas, the State Board of Education (SBOE) recently took public testimony on recommendations for their new sex-ed standards that were compiled by health and education experts. Radical organizations such as Texas Freedom Network and SIECUS, recruited witnesses to bombard the SBOE members with over 12 hours of radical, pro-LGBT propaganda.  Witnesses urged SBOE members to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” or abortion rights in the Health TEKS with vague exhortations to “be on the right side of history.”  Their testimony contained many outrageous claims, including the following:

  • A teen pregnancy prevention coordinator claimed that, “Youth who are taught abstinence-based or abstinence-only education are more likely to contract an STD, become a young parent, partake in other risky behaviors and even face incarceration.(2:13:57)
  • A woman who wants LGBT sex to be taught in school said, “I was 15 when I wanted to have sex with my girlfriend but, we did not know how to because we were never taught.” (32:09) 
  • A representative from the Texas is Ready Campaign told the Board to ignore the 4,000+ emails from their constituents opposing comprehensive sex education and instead consider a recent survey that polled only 600 Texans. (2:50:00)  
  • A Community Organizer for NARAL-Pro-Choice said she is specifically in favor of teaching young people about abortion. She wants kids to know that abortion is a safe, common, and normal medical procedure. (2:02:07) 
  • In support of teaching gender identity in sex education, a woman testified that students should not be worried about defining people as male or female. (2:54:37)

Additionally, a number of abortion activist groups such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL-Pro-Choice Texas, and Jane’s Due Process testified at the State Board of Education for abortion to be taught in schools. Though it is illegal for minors to receive an abortion without parental consent in Texas, abortion activists argued that the Texas schools needs to teach minor students that abortion is “safe” and “legal.” 

While advocates for comprehensive sex-ed touted a 600-person poll taken by a local research firm indicating support for their issue, over 1.7 million people voted in the March 3rd Republican primary election in support of parents being the sole decision makers for their child’s sex education.  And parents overwhelmingly came out against comprehensive sex-ed/LGBT indoctrination last year when Austin School’s considered changing their local curriculum.

Texas Values team members also presented written and oral testimony with over twenty specific recommendations for keeping abstinence-focused education in place and we will be tracking the standards throughout the rest of the process. If you live in Texas and want to send a message to your SBOE member to oppose radical pro-LGBT sex-ed, go to  


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