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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – They’re Coming for Washington

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Posted by Erick Erickson on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hour 1

  1. Georgia audit by county
  2. NY Times and Mt. Rushmore
    1. NY Times land on building swindled from Indians
    2. Upset over Washington and Jefferson
    3. Trump drives people insane
  3. The crackup of the Democratic Party
  4. Guns Guns Guns
  5. Mark Zuckerberg shows leadership
  6. DA harassing couple in Missouri
  7. The President is now fine with masks

Hour 2

  1. Georgia audit by county
  2. College football at risk according to Kemp
  3. The state legislature and the pay cut
  4. Cancel culture for local politicians
    1. Carrollton City Council
    2. Bloomingdale mayor
    3. GOP does it too
  5. The 1000 year sentence gets parole
  6. John Bolton interview

Hour 3 

  1. Declaration of Independence approved
  2. 1619
  3. There’s a there there with Russia
  4. Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership
    1. The left treats Facebook as if it owns it
    2. Social media struggles
  5. Trump’s soft spot
  6. The influencer nonsense


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