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Are Evangelicals Realizing the Trump Bargain Wasn’t Worth It?

With Senator Josh Hawley (rightly) declaring the conservative legal movement over by virtue of last week’s disastrous ruling on the future of religious liberty, I’m left curious whether that realization is what has prompted a noticeable decline in support for Donald Trump among religious conservatives?

Here are the most recent numbers from Fox News:

Let’s be honest and say the Supreme Court, and to a lesser degree Vice President Mike Pence, is what brought evangelicals flocking to support Trump in 2016. I even wrote about that myself, after Brett Kavanaugh was appointed when Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.

It’s exactly what Hawley was pointing out about the “grand bargain” that Christians make with Republicans every 4 (or sometimes 2) years:

The bargain has never been explicitly articulated, but religious conservatives know what it is. The bargain is that you go along with the party establishment, you support their policies and priorities—or at least keep your mouth shut about it—and, in return, the establishment will put some judges on the bench who supposedly will protect your constitutional rights to freedom of worship, to freedom of exercise. How has that worked out for us?

Precisely. With Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Gorsuch being so odiously wrong on the Bostock religious liberty case, is there truly a reason for Christians to continue selling their loyalties to this fool’s bargain?

Perhaps a moment of honesty of where we are after 3 years of the Trump Administration is in order.

  • We currently have the judicial imposition of the very worst elements of the Orwellian-named “Equality Act” that Christians most feared. And it was written by the very man Christians said justified their vote for a morally repugnant Trump.
  • We currently have a national debt ballooning to a comically irreversible $30 trillion.
  • We currently have Planned Parenthood allowed to open nationwide as an essential business while churches are being mandated to remain closed.
  • Virtually every single “accomplishment” of the current Republican administration has been achieved through executive order. In other words, just like with Obama, Trump’s petulance has made bipartisan governing impossible. Both men did everything through executive action alone. And just like Trump was able to do to Obama’s legacy, Trump’s successor will be able to wipe out every meaningful act Christians try to point to as justification for supporting him.

Call me crazy, but I think it’s hard to imagine 81% of evangelical Christians finding that deal worth it again.


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