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Democrats: It’s Not Your Fault

History is dead. We know this because the 1619 Project tells us that only the victors write history, and the victors in America lack the genetic markers for prodigious melanin, and possess a Y chromosome. White men.

But let’s take that further. White men, unadulterated by conscience, driven by ambition and a cold-eyed pursuit of power, meaning Republicans, are the power structure dead history portrays iconically as “the man.” Everyone in opposition to “the man” is a hero of counter culture and victim’s rights. Those who are in league with his side are traitors to either their chromosomes, their skin color, their heritage, or their future.

So says the narrative overarching dead history.

So, naturally, Democrats, who run institutions such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC News, MSNBC, CNN, and half the major city newsrooms in the nation, not to mention 90% or more of educational institutions, contend that anyone who was a racist, white man, must be a Republican.

For example: abortion, when portrayed in the sense of killing black babies, is a Republican scheme. But when it’s “health care,” it’s a paragon of progressive virtue, immune to the lies of The Man.

Another white male, Sen. Ted Cruz, felt it necessary to comment on this betrayal of the dead historical narrative by GQ, which breached the wall by parroting The Man’s history, and acknowledging that George Wallace was indeed a Republican.

And of course, Cruz went on to out Margaret Sanger, who as a feminist “health care” icon was a hero, but must have been a closet Republican.

I was going to pile here, and continue the historical correction, but I have realized the error in that path. Democrats don’t need more of the white man’s corrections of dead history. It’s dead, after all, and only the narrative matters.

What should be offered instead, is therapy.

Democrats need to hear this: it’s okay to acknowledge your racist past. Holding on to dead history is like a man carrying around chains, then beating himself with them because his gender and skin color make him an outcast from proper society. The very slavery these Democrats bring up so often is still keeping them bound, and it’s not healthy.

Every time Democrats and the media (who are overwhelmingly Democrats) make comparisons of Donald Trump to George Wallace, they keep adding links to the chains of slavery. Every time they say George Wallace was really a modern day Republican ahead of his time, they add to their own burden.

George Wallace was a Democrat every single day of his life, except when he ran under the American Independent Party in 1968. That party, the AIP, was made up of populist Democrats, most of them hard against civil rights. Lester Maddox ran for Mayor of Atlanta as an AIP candidate before winning the governorship of Georgia as a Democrat. I know, I know. Dead history says populism is a Republican thing, because Trump.

But it’s okay to acknowledge that Democrats alone blocked the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, including a 14-hour filibuster in the Senate by Robert Byrd. He must have been a Republican then, and only became a Democrat when he apologized for his KKK past, and that apology was only accepted because David Duke exists. Duke is a black eye to the Republican Party–but Byrd was too until he became a Real Democrat.

It’s okay to say that Woodrow Wilson was a rabid racist, who segregated the U.S. government. Everybody knows that Wilson was a Republican, no matter what the dead history books say. But Wilson was a Democrat his whole life.

It’s also okay to admit that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. That big statue of his towering over President Trump and Vice President Pence during their Fox News coronavirus town hall made three Republicans, but Democrats can be forgiven for calling Lincoln one of their own, because he ended slavery. It’s a defense mechanism, I think, a balm.

And as Joe Biden has done, it’s okay to admit that Delaware had to submit to federal pressure (including martial law in Maryland), despite having loyalty to the south and the Confederacy in the Civil War. In the Democrat world of dead history, not written by white men, there were only Democrats and rebels fighting that war. But Biden has unburdened himself.

“I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said, ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start, or even hold the white man back, to even the race,’” he told a Delaware newspaper in 1975. “I don’t buy that.”

At least Biden has apologized for his shocking breach of historical narrative. He must have been a Republican in 1975. But he apologized and can now proudly wear the label of Democrat again.

I am no therapist. But my advice to Democrats is for all of them to briefly become Republicans, just for a moment, so that they can complete their confession, and unburden themselves of the heavy weight of dead history.

They can own Democrats’ ugly, racist past, that includes slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and the KKK. They can own eugenics, a brief flirtation with actual Fascism, and warmongering. They can acknowledge it all. Then they won’t have to play stupid games like calling George Wallace a Republican.

Then, after the great burden of their souls have been lifted, Democrats can be Democrats again. They can realize what others who are free of the generational guilt of dead history have known all along: your past doesn’t determine your future.

Democrats were at one time proponents of evil. They don’t have to be. No other nation in the world, no matter how liberal, favors third trimester abortion, or abortion up until the moment of birth. Democrats, unburdened by their chains, can acknowledge this and stop an evil.

They can acknowledge that, in the past, Republicans had some pretty good ideas, and some pretty good people carrying those ideas. They don’t have to wait until someone terrible comes along to say “in comparison, George W. Bush is a saint.” See, it’s not hard once you have let go of dead history.

I don’t want to pile on to Democrats holding on to dead history, because we have to work with Democrats. And if they only way for Republicans to work with Democrats is to become one, we’re not going to get anywhere.

It’s time to move forward, which means we have to hug Democrats, and like Robin Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting, tell them “it’s not your fault.” Let the catharsis happen. When they say it’s okay to admit they were racists, then we can have a real relationship again.


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