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The Georgia Endorsements

I keep getting asked, so I figure I better put a list together. Here are all the races I am focused on in Georgia:

Non-Partisan Races for the Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

Vote for all the incumbents.

IN CHEROKEE COUNTY, Bart Glasgow who is running for State Court Judge

In COBB COUNTY, David Willingham who is running for State Court Judge

US House District 6: Northwest Metro Atlanta

Karen Handel

US House District 7: Northeast Metro Atlanta

Rich McCormick

That said, Renee Untermann is worthwhile for your consideration, but I think Rich will be more conservative.

US House District 9: Northeast Georgia

Matt Gurtler

US House District 14: Northwest Georgia

Kevin Cooke, who stood up to Speaker Ralston and signed the resolution calling for his ouster.

Marjorie Green is fine too and if those two get in a runoff, you’d have the two most conservative candidates. Cooke just happens to have a voting record in the state legislature and it is impressively conservative.

Georgia State Senate District 21: Cherokee, Fulton

Michael Caldwell

Georgia State Senate District 31: Haralson, Paulding, Polk

Jason Anavitarte

Georgia State Senate District 54: Gordon, Murray, Pickens, White

Chuck Payne

Georgia House District 20 to succeed Michael Caldwell in Woodstock

Katrina Singletary

Georgia House District 21: Cherokee

Raj Sagoo

Georgia House District 71: Coweta, Fayette

Philip Singleton

Georgia House District 131 to succeed Ken Pullin in Upson County

Beth Camp

Georgia House District 167: Glynn, Long, McIntosh

Jeff Jones


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