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Hillary Just Revealed How Awful This Would All Be if She Had Won

I know that I’ve annoyed more than a few of my conservative friends and family members by my reluctance to embrace Trumpism. I certainly don’t enjoy that awkwardness but I refuse to do it because I recognize that Trumpism (that is, populism) is not conservatism. It’s not even close, actually.

To be clear, I also don’t associate myself with the “conserving conservatism” crowd of Bill Kristol, Tom Nichols, the Bulwark, et al. That is not conservatism either.

That’s why I’ve felt like I’m on a bit of an island, politically homeless, even though I know there are several others in the country like me: resisting the siren song of populism while also being more than willing to both praise the current administration when its warranted and recognize that it is resulting in far better outcomes for our country than its 2016 major party alternative.

Yes, I’m speaking of Hillary. Anyone who considers themselves part of the “right,” yet who can’t acknowledge that Trump is a far better (or perhaps I should say “far less dangerous”) choice for our country is fundamentally unserious about conservative politics. Voting third party because Trump was unworthy of your vote is a matter of principle. Voting for Hillary because Trump was unworthy of your vote is a matter of intentional national sabotage.

If you doubt that, simply juxtapose these two stories from the end of last week. First:

A heartbroken Michigan music store owner is blaming Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her strict stay-at-home orders that have left him no choice but to close his business permanently.

“I’ve been sitting here for 60 days watching my neighbors do business day in and day out,” he told Fox 17. “They aren’t thriving but they are surviving. There’s no reason in h*ll I couldn’t have done the same thing. None. And that’s what makes me angry.”

Walker believes his store would still be open for business had Gov. Whitmer acted more reasonably.

And then second:

Hillary Clinton on Friday called organized protests against Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s stay-at-home order “domestic terrorism” which “cannot be tolerated.”

No definition of Americanism, no less conservatism, encompasses the kind of tyrannical control that Clinton’s sentiments embody. Men and women resisting being locked in their homes because the government says it’s good for them “cannot be tolerated?” They should instead do what they’re told by government masters even as they see those rules arbitrarily enforced in a way that costs them their life’s dream?

Remember, that’s the kind of backwards thinking and authoritarian mindset that would be emanating from the highest positions of our federal government right now had Hillary won the election. It’s also an important thing to keep in mind with 2020’s election looming. Is this the philosophy Biden – or more accurately, whoever replaces him on the ballot or whoever his puppet master is – represents?

The Democrat Party’s lurch towards totalitarianism has been noticeable for some time. But a global pandemic has provided the perfect vantage point from which to view it in all its glory. Woe to those who would willfully choose it.


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