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What the Press has Done to Itself Endangers America

I respect the adversarial relationship between the press and the government. From the perspective of a private citizen concerned about the preservation of his rights against the creeping hand of governmental overreach, I actually think it’s good and helpful.

What I don’t respect or appreciate is the adversarial relationship between the press and Republicans in government only. Think of all the media entities and reporters who still pretend that the only scandal of the Obama administration was when he wore a tan suit. It’s an insult to even the weakest intellect, and speaks directly to what I’m talking about.

Seeing the media desperately trying to indict the Trump administration on everything it does or says is tolerable only if it weren’t the same media that was willfully asleep during:

  • Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal
  • Obama’s IRS targeting political opponents
  • Obama’s Benghazi fumbling and cover-up
  • Obama’s egregious Veterans’ Affairs scandal
  • Obama’s OPM data breach scandal
  • Obama’s State Department email scandal

When you’re dealing with reporters who turned a blind eye towards that menagerie of corruption, observing their ferocious inquisition of every aspect of the Trump administration reveals this isn’t about an adversarial press protecting the interests of the people. It’s a public relations propaganda unit operating on behalf of the Democrat Party. And that isn’t something that any of us should respect.

I say any of us, including the Democrats that it would seem to favor, because ultimately the disintegration of public trust in the legitimacy of the free press hurts us all. For instance, I myself found great pleasure in Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s recent demolition of the attempted gotcha question by a Reuters “reporter.” And not long after that, McEnany manhandled CNN after an unintentional set-up by PBS “reporter” Yamiche Alcindor:

“The second question I have is in 2015, shortly after the president said that some Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, you said that that language was racist and hateful,” PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor said. “Do you still believe that today?”

After explaining the context surrounding her past remarks, McEnany went on:

“But I would encourage the individual who did that analysis of my past, rather than focusing on me, he really should be focused on some of the very guests CNN chose to have on their network,” McEnany continued.

She then proceeded to lay out a laundry list of former officials who have all but admitted collusion with the press to attempt to falsely undermine the Trump presidency. It was eye-opening and sad.

Frankly, Americans should be skeptical of their governmental leaders because the axiom that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is time-honored truth. Unfortunately, the media’s unarguable bias against one party coupled with its unabiding advocacy for another has driven half of Americans to find those in power far more trustworthy than the voices supposedly charged with holding them accountable.

The press’s dereliction of duty is a travesty in every sense of the word.


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