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Why Are Some Democrat Women Clamoring to Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate?

Last year, seven women, including a woman named Tara Reade, came forward and accused Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee for president, of inappropriate conduct. More recently Ms. Reade’s accusations have begun to gain traction. But will anyone notice?

My colleague Jason Thomas wrote on here earlier today that the media has, once again, revealed a glaring double standard when it comes to reporting on this issue as compared, for example, with the nomination by President Trump of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the subsequent confirmation process.  Whereas the mainstream media fell squarely in line as Christine Blasey Ford’s cheerleaders, with only few exceptions, you have to look pretty deep to find any reporting on Tara Reade’s accusations, which, when you read them, are quite serious and warrant further investigation.  

Obviously, the media blinders, intentional or not, on this issue are striking, but what may be even more striking is the response, or lack thereof, of a number of women who have been identified as potential vice-presidential running mates for Joe Biden.

But before we get to them, let me detour for just a moment to Alyssa Milano. That’s right, the formerly famous actress, who gained access to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room and sat behind Kavanaugh in full view of the cameras. Regarding Kavanaugh, she was on Twitter saying she believed Christine Blasey Ford.

Fast forward to April 6, 2020. Despite the allegatons against him, Alyssa Milano says she is still endorsing Joe Biden.

I wonder if she missed the part about Tara Reade accusing the presumptive Democrat nominee of pinning her against the wall, putting his hand under her skirt and sexually assaulting her?  But I digress.

Regarding Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris, both of whom have ended their own campaigns and endorsed Joe Biden, neither has publicly stated that she wants to be chosen as Biden’s running mate.  On the other hand, neither has said that she would turn it down either.  Both Klobuchar and Harris voted against confirming Kavanaugh and supported his accuser.

That brings us to two Democrat women who have clearly turned in their #MeToo cards.

Stacey Abrams, who refuses to concede that she actually lost the race for Governor in Georgia, was squarely in the Blasey Ford camp during the Kavanaugh hearings.

However, now Abrams is actively campaigning to become Joe Biden’s running mate. And she is not being shy about it.  On April 15, in an interview in Elle Magazine, Abrams said, “Yes. I would be honored. I would be an excellent running mate.”

Finally, Senator Elizabeth Warren has also appeared to retreat from the mantra of “BelieveSurvivors.”  Like the others, she was a vocal critic of Justice Kavanaugh and a supporter of Christine Blasey Ford

But, like the others, it appears that she has chosen not to believe Tara Reade as she seeks to become Biden’s running mate.  USA Today reported on April 16 that Sen. Elizabeth Warren said without hesitation that she would be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate if the presumptive Democratic nominee asked her. 

What changed? I’ll hang up and listen.


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