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Trudeau uses tragedy to push for harsher gun laws in Canada

A man ended 23 lives. PM Trudeau wants to make it harder for all Canadians to have a firearm.

With all the COVID-19 coverage, it may have been easy to overlook the news from Canada of a mass shooting that killed at least 23 several days ago.

A 51-year-old man posed as a police officer, pulled individuals over, and executed them inside their vehicles. What started as a domestic violence incident devolved into an hours long chase to find the man who was ending innocent lives.

A tragic event, and one that marks the worst mass shooting in recent Canadian history.

While it may have been a freak occurrence, and the motive behind the man’s attacks is not yet clear, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is utilizing the tragedy to push for tighter gun control laws.

According to the Library of Congress, Canada already has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, even as it is ranked number five in the world for gun ownership. Its laws include:

Both licensing and registration requirements for the possession and acquisition of firearms. 

Applicants are required to pass safety tests before they can be eligible for a firearms license.  Applicants are also subject to background checks, which take into account criminal, mental health, addiction, and domestic violence records.

Additionally, Canadian citizens are barred from carrying a handgun outside their residence and they are subject to strict storage laws.

Trudeau believes that banning assault style weapons is the correct answer, even though the tragedy is less than four days old. However, the leader of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights, Rod Giltaca told the Washington Post:

Just shy of 24 hours past the tragedy in Nova Scotia, the gun-control lobby is leveraging this community’s suffering for their own political gain. No law in this country could have stopped a madman with this level of determination and resources.

Mr. Giltaca is absolutely right. While Prime Minister Trudeau is more concerned with fulfilling a campaign promise to enact more gun laws, the truth is that evil finds a way to manifest itself, law or no law.

Canadians are now suffering from a terrible tragedy and the indignation of having their right to self-defense narrowed even further.


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