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Money pours into Georgia Senate races with new ads, new SuperPAC entering the fray

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Money is pouring into Georgia’s Senate races with new ads and a new SuperPAC entering the fray.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler and challenger Rep. Doug Collins are locked in a tough battle in which Collins’ camp and allies at D.C. conservative interest groups have reportedly been shopping dirt on Loeffler including related to contentious stock trades she made as the COVID-19 crisis was beginning.

Sen. David Perdue will also be on the ballot this November meaning plenty of action in the Peach State.

The Daily Beast reports that Loeffler is now running ads promoting her appointment to President Trump’s “reopening America ” taskforce.

All Republican Senators not named Mitt Romney also sit on the panel; however, Collins is reportedly not among the 32 House members appointed to it. This comes despite Trump’s prior apparent prior preference for Collins as a prospective appointee to replace former Sen. Johnny Isakson, who retired and was replaced by Loeffler.

Meantime, documents creating a new Georgia-Senate-related SuperPAC were filed today.

“Defend the Peach State” is a new SuperPAC whose treasurer is one Thomas C. Datwyler.

Datwyler has previously been associated with Maine politics: He is the Treasurer of SuperPACs involved in Sen. Susan Collins’ re-election campaign, and tied to former Rep. Bruce Poliquin. He also appears to be a regular donor to Sen. Mike Lee’s campaigns.

It is not clear as yet which candidate Defend the Peach State will be supporting, but Datwyler’s D.C. residence indicates that someone with clout and consultants within the Beltway intends to dump big money into one or both races.

Datwyler reportedly got his start in GOP politics as a Convention intern in 2008, when former Sen. John McCain was the party’s nominee.

A native of Hudson, New York, his local newspaper reported that he was one of a “27-member group of interns that will assist in preparations for the convention, to be held at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul…”

Datwyler was also a donor to Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.


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