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Of China and Trump, One is Obviously Betraying the World

China betrayed the world, and Donald Trump didn't.

It’s China. China is betraying the world. The COVID-19 causing Coronavirus SARS-CoV2, originated in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. The totalitarian Chinese Community Party government chose to ignore warnings from years ago when the first bout of SARS hit, to close these markets dealing in exotic, live, germ carrying animals. It didn’t.

The CCP chose to suppress and cover up the new (“novel”) strain of SARS that broke out in November/December 2019. They rebuked and “disappeared” some doctors who tried to warn of a possible epidemic.

The CCP chose to under-report the actual numbers of cases from the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, while simultaneously taking action to quarantine up to 60 million people. I never believed the numbers China reported in January, February, and afterward. I believe those numbers could have been an order of magnitude low (instead of 80,000+ cases, it’s 800,000).

The CCP allowed up to 5 million people in and out of Hubei Province and Wuhan during the Lunar New Year festival, where tens of thousands feasted together and spread the virus. Tourists from China went around the world, carrying it to Italy, the U.S. and other nations.

China’s current report of 3,299 deaths is now being questioned because the numbers don’t add up to the quantity of urns provided to Wuhan funeral homes. This is not a shock to anyone who’s been following the reports from China. It’s likely, just from this data point, which is being largely ignored by the media, Wuhan had at least 10,000 deaths.

After declaring victory and re-opening movie theaters, reporting no new Coronavirus cases, China a week later closed theaters again, without explaining why. This is likely because they are fudging the numbers, still. China did, and continues to, lie to the world.

Yet, some media outlets cling to China’s numbers as rock solid. Possibly this could be because China has large investments in media. Possibly it’s because certain media would rather highlight that the U.S. has more cases than China reported, spotlighting our government’s (and Donald Trump’s) failure to cope quickly with the pandemic.

China has shipped faulty Coronavirus tests to Spain. Their factories have provided low quality, faulty (and fake) masks, thermal temperature guns, and disinfectants. The CCP allows companies that make these cheap, shoddy knockoffs to thrive, and then cracks down on them when it makes China, Inc. look bad to the world. Right now it looks really bad.

Not knowing what is good and bad coming out of China (which largely is not giving, but selling these goods to nations in desperate need) has caused many nations to simply reject China-made testing kits and PPE. This uncertainty makes the shortages worse. The Dutch recalled 600,000 defective face masks.

China’s leaders paint the nation as a hero, but it’s really a villain.

But much of the U.S. media can’t stop itself from focusing on attacking President Trump. Surely he hasn’t handled the crisis perfectly. In fact, he’s a wrecking ball of mixed messages, word salad, conspiracy theories, and personal vitriol against critics. Yet the president has tried to do the right thing.

He closed travel to China, quickly. When his health advisors pushed him to back social distancing and draconian measures–which sunk the economy and wiped out all market gains since he took office–he listened and did it.

When Trump wanted to re-open the U.S. by Easter, he changed his course on the advice of Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci.

Trump is not perfect, and certainly hasn’t become any more “presidential” in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, but he’s not a villain like China.

China betrayed the world, and Donald Trump didn’t. When America cranks up to make hundreds of thousands of ventilators, don’t bet on them being defective. And we will sell them (or give them) at a decent price to anyone in the world that needs them. The 5-minute test Abbott Labs has developed will be eventually shared with the whole world when we get production up to speed.

When we (or another nation) develops a vaccine, America will give it to the world. And Donald Trump will cheer these things.

China will continue to deny and gaslight and suppress, while America gives and saves.

It would be nice if the media, and so many in politics, stopped wasting their breath fighting the president on every gaffe and misstatement, and blamed the real villain here. Or at least focused on beating the virus, instead of the president.

That would be great.


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