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Not Everywhere Will Be New York

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You know how a blizzard in Montana gets less coverage by the national press than three snowflakes falling in Manhattan gets?

COVID-19 is like that.

Over 50% of the cases are in New York City. That is where the media is. The hospitals are in meltdown. The city government, in February, still encouraged people to get together in social circles. The city let a Chinese New Year celebration go forward. Well after public health officials realized the Wuhan coronavirus was spreading socially, the head of public health for New York City was telling people they were fine and it wasn’t spreading socially.

New York City is on a worse trajectory than Wuhan, China. Just look at this:

But California is doing far better than New York City. California is doing far better than New Orleans, which had a robust and crowded Mardi Gras celebration full of people spreading the virus.

Washington State has been proactive in shutting things down.

New York is the hot spot. Because New York is the hot spot and also the central focus of news media concern, the media is giving it inordinate coverage. Frankly, they should. It is a terrible situation.

So much of the media narrative has been about what Donald Trump should have done sooner. That narrative willfully ignores three things.

  1. Impeachment was an overwhelming distraction for the administration;
  2. The President did move aggressively to stop travel to China and the media attacked him for that; and,
  3. The Mayor of New York City deserves a very large heaping of blame for what is happening in New York City.

A media unwilling to hold the Mayor of New York accountable for his own administration’s actions will not be taken seriously in trying to hold Donald Trump accountable.


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