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The Time for an Outpouring of Righteous Anger at DC Has Arrived

I did not vote for President Trump in 2016 for reasons that I made abundantly clear at the time. Obviously, I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either, finding neither of the two major party candidates worthy of my vote.

Since that time, two things have happened:

  1. I’ve felt liberated to praise Trump when he does good things (and he’s done many) and criticize Trump when he does bad things (and there have been quite a few of those as well).  It’s almost as though this type of freedom from partisan loyalty is precisely what the George Washington encouraged in his Farewell Address.
  2. I’ve been disgusted watching the horrendous behavior of the media and their far-left masters who have led a revolution in the Democrat Party. Their hatred of the president has radicalized them in a way that has even Barack Obama cringing.

And watching the current travesty unfolding in Washington, D.C. as the country burns is infuriating. Both sides seem paralyzed with fear not that they are presiding over the temporary collapse of our republic, but that the other side might somehow turn this pandemic crisis into an effective election year issue.

Trump, as always, seems to care most about making sure everyone knows he is handling the crisis better than anyone else ever could have in the history of mankind.

Democrats seem to care most about making sure everyone knows that Trump is responsible for the virus, and are despicably content holding the American worker hostage and destroying the retirements of countless retirees as they demand frivolous, unrelated special-interest concessions in a relief bill. Diversity boards? Carbon footprint regulations on airlines? What in the world are they doing?

This isn’t a relief bill, anyway. This is compensation for what they have done to us, justified or not. The money they will eventually send to taxpayers isn’t a handout. It is our money that they took in the first place to pay the cost of conducting government. When the check arrives to your house, it is doing just that – the government shut down the economy of this country and that is costing money. They are paying for it with the checks they send.

Ditto that with government payments of businesses, large and small. It isn’t a bailout. It’s compensation for shutting down those businesses with their stay-at-home decrees.

There’s no reason those checks need to come with 1,000 extra pages attached, or 500, or 10. Send the checks, cut the taxes. It’s that simple.

I don’t care about President Trump’s massive ego. I don’t care about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s obsession with progressive interests. It’s clear that the entire apparatus of our federal government is not led by honorable people willing to put the immediate needs of those they serve ahead of their own desire for power.

Maybe we’re not there yet, but the time for a massive outpouring of righteous anger directed at the clown show in D.C. from the American people can’t be far off.


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