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Reuters Spreads Chinese Propaganda As News

Here is a communist propaganda editorial out of China entitled, “Detection, quarantine and treatment tried and tested response to virus: China Daily editorial”

Now here is the Reuters story, entitled, “World should learn lessons from China in coronavirus fight – China Daily.”

China Daily runs an editorial opinion calling on the world to look up to China for what it did. Then Reuters runs a news story based on that editorial.

Here are the communists:

So far, most of the countries aside from China where the pandemic is under control — Singapore, Japan and the Republic of Korea — have been following the principles of early detection, early quarantine and early treatment, which are based on the experience and lessons drawn from China’s successful battle with the virus. And these principles are the main content of the recommendations provided to all countries by the World Health Organization after its experts finished a fact-finding mission in China.

Despite different national conditions and administrative systems, countries, especially those in the West, should pay due attention to these principles, and waste no more time in applying them, since they have already proved their effectiveness.

With this in mind, China is proactively sharing its experience with other countries.

And now here is Reuters:

Though the coronavirus was first discovered last year in the city of Wuhan, where officials initially tried to cover up the outbreak, China has sought to emphasize the positive role it has played in controlling the global spread of the disease.

With the number of new domestic cases dwindling, China has now turned its attention to controlling new infections coming into the country from overseas, where the pandemic continues to spread.

China Daily said Singapore, Japan and South Korea had all “based their responses on the experience and lessons drawn from China’s successful battle with the virus”, and China was now “proactively sharing” its best practices.

Reuters literally repacked a communist propaganda editorial as a news story.

It then got picked up by the UK’s Daily Mail as an actual news story, further stripping away that it is actually a communist propaganda editorial.


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