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JUST IN: Stocks Plummet 10%, Worst Day Since 1987

Dow Futures pointed to a sell-off that ended sharper than any of us could have predicted. The day started off with a 7% dip in the S&P, triggering a 15-minute halt in trading.

By the end of the day the Dow fell 2,352 points or roughly 10%, NASDAQ fell 750 points or 9.4%, and the S&P 500 fell 260 points or 9.5%.

Today marked the worst single day since 1987 and the 4th worst day in the history of the Dow.

We are by no means financial analyst at The Resurgent but here’s how a few stocks performed today:

Apple 248.23 USD −27.20 (-9.88%)

Royal Caribbean 30.27 USD −14.09 (-31.76%)

Norwegian Cruise Line 9.65 USD −5.34 (-35.62%)

Twitter 26.78 USD −4.55 (-14.52%)

United Airlines 37.08 USD −12.26 (-24.85%)

Disney 91.81 USD −13.78 (-13.05%)

Exxon Mobil 37.18 USD −4.80 (-11.43%)

British Petroleum 21.57 USD −3.08 (-12.49%)


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