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I’ll Take Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism Over Michelle Malkin’s

I prefer Omar's brand of Holocaust-denial, Israel conspiracy, and blood libel over Malkin's. At least Omar is consistent. At least one day someone in the halls of Congress might get through to her head and her heart. We can hope that one day, Omar will find a new understanding and be redeemed. But Malkin is simply disgusting. And that's a terrible shame.

It’s a terrible shame to see one of the more prolific and inventive conservative writers in the last decade or so descend into madness. As the United Negro College Fund admonishes, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and we’ve got a front-row seat to watch Michelle Malkin waste hers.

Reduced to appearing before a few hundred so-called “Groypers” (those hairstyle-challenged smug college-age kids who publicly heckle conservatives and liberals), Malkin gave a rousing high-five speech encouraging these kids as her “brigade.” She spoke at the “inaugural” America First Political Action Conference held somewhere in the D.C. area–far away from CPAC. I use quotes around “inaugural” because I hope it will also be the terminal meeting of its type.

The main points Malkin made here was that, unlike CPAC, her “brigade” wasn’t well-financed, attracting grifters; that it didn’t have a very big tent (in fact, the Groyper tent was thrown out of CPAC) and was therefore more pure; that her group was truly “grassroots” and authentic.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (but no e-girls– Right? Have I proved my bonafides?), I rise tonight in defiant opposition to Conservatism Inc. and in unwavering support of America First. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I must reveal to you that the number of donor class CEOs and philanthropists that are backing me is precisely zero. There is no Sheldon Groyperson pulling the strings. There are no Kek Brothers lurking in the background, waiting to whisk me away in a private jet. The grand total of subsidies that I have received from America First is zero dollars and zero cents. Because there is no America First Inc.

This is an organic movement, not a corporation, not a racket, not a pay-for-play machine like the money grubbing, coin operated, spectacle taking place at the Gaylord. I learned today, by the way, that some organizations there have been pressured to cough up $250,000 for the privilege merely of holding parties near the main CPAC venue. A $250K price tag just to purchase a presence on the margins of CPAC. But we’re the grifters.

I contend there’s a reason for the lack of support. This “America First” group is, at heart, a Holocaust-denying, conspiracy-theory hugging, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, and deeply racist tribe of mostly-young disaffected incels who find their place under their “mommy’s” wing with Malkin. Gross.

At one time, Malkin was a serious journalist. She worked for serious publications like the Los Angeles Daily News and The Seattle Times. She had a column with Creators Syndicate. She founded Hot Air, which was bought by Salem Communications–the same group that bought RedState when Erick Erickson ran it. Malkin ran with the same crowd as Erick and Ed Morrissey, Glenn Beck and other conservative voices. Malkin also founded Twitchy, known for its sardonic takes and quick turn on current social media reactions.

Either Malkin changed from being a serious conservative voice into a shallow, tin-voiced defender of blood libels, or more chilling, she was always what she is now, but with the demons closeted deep inside screaming to get out.

In her rant, which praised anti-Semite Nick Fuentes, and referred to questioning “the precise number of people who perished in World War II” as perfectly okay–defending Holocaust-denial is not okay–Malkin went full-throated into ethno-statism and “white majoritarianism.” She said “That’s me. Thank you.”

And the prize quote:

America will look like the cover of Ilhan Omar’s new book. It will look like the no-go zones of the Twin Cities. It will look like the serial predator-infested public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. It will not look like this room. This is not conspiracy replacement theory. This is conspiracy truth. America First policies and principles have always been at the heart of grassroots conservatism, and as Nick said, that word has become so tainted that it’s an embarrassment to me to have identified proudly as such, ever since I was as young as you were, a college student.

Ilhan Omar’s book is titled “This is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman.” I am very critical of Omar’s politics. I am completely opposed to her hatred of Israel. Omar’s lack of morality, her willingness to cheat, take shortcuts, and lie about her past to gain political power, trouble me greatly. But I do understand them.

Omar arrived in America at the age of 10, a refugee with her parents from Somalia. She was born in Mogadishu in 1982. Her family, led by her widower father, fled to Kenya and spent four years in a refugee camp before coming to America. Omar graduated from Edison High School in Minneapolis and attended a state school. All her life, she was a political activist and organizer. She never believed anything else.

Malkin used to, at least publicly, believe something else. Either she’s a fraud now, or she was a fraud when she practiced serious policy and political journalism. Or worse, she truly believed in conservative values, and valued those who disagreed with her, ignoring the money-grubbers, grifters and remora who attach themselves to such causes, and now she has truly decided to abandon grace, value, and conservatism for a gaggle of frog-bannered worshippers who place her on a pedestal as “mommy.” Once again, gross.

I prefer Omar’s brand of Holocaust-denial, Israel conspiracy, and blood libel over Malkin’s. At least Omar is consistent. At least one day someone in the halls of Congress might get through to her head and her heart. We can hope that one day, Omar will find a new understanding and be redeemed.

But Malkin is simply disgusting. And that’s a terrible shame.


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