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Are We Panicking Too Much About Coronavirus?

The short answer: Yes.

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Wuhan Flu. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s dominating the headlines. We haven’t really seen anything like this in our lifetimes: a disease that has spread so quickly and caused so much panic.

Is the panic a bit too much? The short answer is: Yes.

Witness what’s going on here in Atlanta, where the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting a run on staples and cleaning products at metro area stores:

Even before Georgia’s first two coronavirus cases were confirmed Monday night, shoppers — some sheepish and some emphatic — packed at least some local stores in recent days for items to deal with a possible pandemic. Hot sellers included cases of water, hand sanitizer, disinfecting alcohol and cleaning wipes, facial tissues and paper towels, leaving some store shelves temporarily depleted, though more supplies are on the way, said workers at two local Costcos and a local Walmart. 

It’s one thing to be prepared for a crisis, and it’s a whole different matter to go into prepper mode. Atlanta shoppers have noticed this fact:

Tia Savay of Lawrenceville was shopping Costco on Monday, but she said she wasn’t picking up anything extra because she already had enough cleaning supplies and water with what she regularly gets.

“I know it’s a scary deal, but I think people are taking it out of proportion,” she said.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that the media is partially to blame before the panic, because they’re not putting coronavirus into perspective as compared to the flu. I’ve edited her statement for language…

If the media would report every time someone in the US/world-in-general died from the flu and/or pneumonia, everyone would be saying coronoawho? 

These news outlets….we’re more likely to die from being suffocated by their [nonsense] than anything else. Bless them.

Look, Coronavirus is a scary thing, and we need to be vigilant. Wash hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, have a little extra cleaning stuff around, and avoid shaking hands.

But do we need to panic? Absolutely not. Let’s keep our heads.


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