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LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – How Then Shall We Cry Wolf?

The Erick Erickson Show: (877) 973-7425

The Erick Erickson Show: (877) 973-7425You can call in and be a part of the program at 877-973-7425 every weekday between 9am and noon ET. The show is sponsored by First Liberty of Georgia ( and Dynamic Money (

Posted by Erick Erickson on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Erick Erickson Show is live! Here’s the plan for today.

Hour 1

  1. The Media/Democrats Crying Wolf
    1. Paris Accord
    2. Jerusalem Embassy
    3. Healthcare reform
    4. Tax cuts
    5. Net Neutrality
    6. Now Coronavirus
  2. President can target sanctuary states
  3. Coronavirus Update
    1. Count
    2. US Spread
    3. Rumors
    4. Facts
    5. Food stockpiling
    6. Political implications
    7. Butt potatoes
  4. Distrust over government
    1. Media rhetoric
    2. Actual behavior
    3. Partisan behavior
  5. Brutal allergy season coming

Hour 2

  1. In Athens for UGA CR event
  2. South Carolina
    1. Biden in the lead
    2. Polling
    3. Biden wins decisive
    4. Bernie keeps it close scenario
    5. Bloomberg
    6. Warren
    7. The rest of the field
  3. The quest to stop Bernie Sanders
  4. Bloomberg and Yang
  5. The Taylor Swift music video
    1. Evelyn’s reaction

Hour 3 

  1. Michael Thurmond endorses Bloomberg in Georgia
    1. Will Bloomberg still be in?
    2. Tone deaf at this point
    3. Bloomberg hurting Biden
    4. Ad campaign stalls out
  2. YouTube TV dropping sports programming
  3. The progressive war on family
    1. “Nuclear households create the infrastructure for capitalism”
    2. David Brooks and churches
  4. Trump courting black vote
    1. Democrats mock it
    2. Ignore the big picture
  5. Sanders and nuclear waste
  6. Bloomberg and Instagram
    1. Bloomberg bubble bursting
    2. Polling is terrible
  7. Bob Iger and conspiracy theories


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