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Florida may not be a battleground state if Sanders is the nominee

Bernie’s praise of socialism, communism, and his criticism of Israel may put the state out of reach for Democrats

The continued down-spiral of the Democrat party is just a bit of schadenfreude for conservatives. And it continues to get worse for Democrats the closer that Bernie Sanders gets to becoming their nominee for president in November.

Bernie Bros notwithstanding, I believe that a large swath of the American public sees right through Bernie’s “democratic socialism”. He may use that gentler phrase, but his policy platform is pure socialism, and like him, it probably leans more towards communism.

Bernie’s continued acceptance and excusing of communist regimes around the world is starting to unravel his party’s chances of winning Florida, either at the presidential level or down-ballot, come November.

Florida is one of several lynchpins for any presidential hopeful. Florida is also home to a substantial population of Cuban-Americans who fled the Castro regime as well as other Latin-American refugees from other socialist countries. And Bernie cannot, or will not, stop praising Fidel Castro or communist/socialist governments.

As Marc Caputo at Politico reports:

As a state with an influential cross-section of Latinos whose families fled leftist Latin American regimes and violence, Sanders embrace of far-left leaders and his past refusals to wholeheartedly condemn Latin American strongmen and the Soviet Union have long been seen as fatal flaws.

Sanders on Sunday did nothing to allay those concerns in a 60 Minutes interview in which he was asked about his 1985 comments stating that the Cuban people didn’t “rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro” because “he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society.”

Democrat party members in Florida have started ringing the alarm bell, rightly worried that Bernie’s socialist bend will remove the battleground status of Florida in the upcoming election.

While younger voters are drawn in by Bernie’s continuous promises of “free everything”, individuals in Florida have experienced first hand the suffering caused by socialist and communist governments. And while Bernie believes that he is best equipped to defeat Trump, it is hard to imagine him doing so without Florida.

And there may be trouble with Bernie’s criticism of Israel as well:

No major party candidate nominee here has ever called himself a socialist, nor has one been as critical of Israel, which could be problematic in the March 17 primary because 70 percent of Florida’s estimated 600,000 Jewish voters are Democrats.

Democrats are playing a losing game if Sanders is the nominee. Bernie winning the general election is no longshot, but the continued embrace of far-left platforms may prove to be the deciding factor if Trump wins again.


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