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Trump Capitalizes on Pelosi’s Stupid Move and the Dems are Ticked

I watched the State of the Union Address with the high school seniors in my Advanced Placement American Government and Politics class. As part of their curriculum they have to do a pre-speech prediction form, an analysis chart, and a response form. It’s always enlightening to read the differing responses that come from a youthful perspective that each year becomes more distant and removed from my own.

Two things were noteworthy this year as I read through their responses. First, despite the class being fairly evenly split when it comes to their personal feelings about the president, a near unanimity ranked it as an effective and inspirational speech. Second, there was a nearly unanimous disgust expressed at the antics of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Comments like:

  • “What was she doing?”
  • “Who is she talking to?”
  • “Why wouldn’t she stand for a black girl getting a scholarship?”
  • “Is this normal? She’s acting like a child.”

And when it came to the seminal moment – Pelosi tearing the document in half – received united censure with one writing,

“No one would confuse me for being a Trump fan. But that was childish, especially considering the amount of unifying aspects to the speech. It makes sense she would be angry about the parts that criticized Democrats, but she tore up far more than that.”

That response came rushing back into my mind when I saw this livid tweet from Democrat representative Ro Khanna, angrily calling on Twitter to pull down a Trump ad that highlighted this very Pelosi offense:

Once again, we see the Democrat Party’s allegiance to the virtues of free speech. If there’s speech that embarrasses their cause, they want it silenced. That’s dangerous and pathetic all at once.

Now, as far as the request itself, given Twitter’s far-left proclivities I can’t be sure what they will decide to do. But I can say that the request is absurd. Ultimately, there’s nothing dishonest about the ad. Do I think Pelosi was actually angry about the honored Tuskegee Airman or the reunited military family? Of course not. But that’s what made her act of tearing up the speech so foolish and ill-advised. It’s exactly what my student observed.

One of the commenters below Representative Khanna’s silly request perhaps said it best:

Stupid games seem to be the only kind our political leaders play these days. Unfortunately for the Democrats they aren’t nearly as shrewd in how to play them well as their presidential nemesis.


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