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The Tolerant Left Has a Bad Habit of Erasing People

Pointing out the intolerance of the Tolerant® can be a confusing endeavor. It is an exhausting full-time job, yet at the same time is perhaps the easiest task a person could be assigned. It is hilarious to observe, yet at the same time is infuriating to endure.

Still, what has been a lamentable pastime for many of us is taking on a darker face these days given that the left’s bigotry towards people who disagree with their politics is becoming more intense and more personal.

After all, it’s one thing to attempt to drive your enemies from their occupation, their platform, their reputation. It’s quite another to attempt to deprive them of their very identity. Yet increasingly, that’s where the left’s intolerance has led – the public erasing of entire groups of people.

It started years ago with the so-called “ex-gays.” Despite the fact that absolutely no one is ever forced to engage in romantic or sexual relationships, individuals who have willfully chosen to walk away from homosexual ones have become the scourge of the LGBT revolutionaries who own the left.

In the unrelenting pursuit of their political agenda, these activists fashioned the argument that LGBT relationships were inborn and innate characteristics – a counterfeit claim given that no romantic or sexual relationship is inborn or innate. That doesn’t even make sense. But by intentionally conflating behavior with identity, the point was to ingrain in the national psyche a biological justification for the normalization and societal affirmation of their choices.

I should note that heterosexual relationships aren’t innate. The urge that causes them to form may be, but the relationships themselves are not inborn. We choose them. It has been the experience of many heterosexuals who experience the urge for romantic or sexual relationships to deny them or walk away from them for one reason or another.

Yet when people who formerly participated in homosexual romantic and/or sexual relationships did the same thing, particularly if they claimed to be doing so in submission to Christ’s will over their own, they were ghosted. Called frauds, fakes, closet-cases, self-loathers, you will not find a more discriminated against, hated, mistreated, and criminally dismissed sector of our population than ex-gays.

But a new contender for that less-than-prestigious title may be on the rise. The left has a new enemy to erase from the public consciousness:

The pro-life group that created the powerful abortion survivor TV ad played at the March for Life last week is calling out Fox Sports Network for stonewalling them and refusing to approve their ad to run in a slot on Super Bowl Sunday this coming weekend.

Faces of Choice, a new non-profit whose ad featuring 14 survivors of abortion was shown at the March for Life, say they have been “given the runaround” by the network for six months…

“I think it’s very clever what they’re doing. If they directly said ‘no’ then we could say ‘this is asinine, look at the suitable ad that Fox rejected’, but they haven’t directly said ‘no,’ they’ve ignored us, wasted our time, refused to give an answer and refused to either give us clearance or simply say ‘no,’” Gillett said. 

Gillett told LifeSite that the abortion survivors featured in the ad “have been ignored their whole lives and that they now faced being ignored again.”

It’s one thing to disagree with people, it’s another to pretend they don’t exist. The existence of ex-gays undermines the left’s claim that gay behavior is biologically preconditioned and inescapable, and so they erase them. The existence of abortion survivors undermines the left’s claim that the procedure is innocuous healthcare performed on non-human globs of cells, and leaves no lasting, negative impact, and so they erase them.

It’s unconscionable treatment of people. In fact, it’s Stalinesque.


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