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Yang Would Pardon Trump, Commissar Warren Would Do a Ukraine on Him

I’m supposed to be writing about how Andrew Yang suggested he would pardon Donald Trump should he win the presidency. But should this even be discussed? Since when in America does an incoming president make it a priority to investigate the outgoing president? Doing that is more akin to an Eastern European former communist nation than America.

But that’s exactly what Elizabeth Warren, a total schmuck, said she’d do.

The Massachusetts senator on Tuesday released a plan that her campaign says will “restore integrity and competence” to government after President Donald Trump. She said that an independent task force would operate within the Justice Department and hold the previous administration’s officials “accountable for illegal activity.” 

Warren also plans to ask for the resignations of all Trump political appointees and void any federal contracts that “arose as the result of corruption.”

Asking for resignations of previous political appointees is fairly standard stuff–generally they expect that anyway. But voiding “any federal contracts” is not going to go over well. It may even be against the law, or at least generate lawsuits.

Going after the previous president, when impeachment failed to remove him from office is a Soviet move. But what should we expect from Warren, who claimed her election would be the “last American president to be elected by the Electoral College.” She must mean that she’s going to overthrow the entire Constitution, since the electoral college is part of the original document, modified by the 12th and 23rd Amendments. Every president since 1804 has been elected under the 12th Amendment system.

Warren is polling at 15 percent nationally, and within a few points of that in Iowa and New Hampshire. Yang is polling between 3 and 4.7 percent. Yang will not be president this cycle, but Yang is sane, rational, and in many cases, arguably right. I would choose Yang over Warren one hundred percent of the time, but most Democrats think differently than what I’d call sane, rational people.

Yang’s campaign is also the most enjoyable, funny, and truly energetic in the race (on the Democrat side). Last week he had Dave Chappelle making calls for him in South Carolina. Ken Bone (remember that guy, the guy in a red sweater?) endorsed Yang.

Andrew Yang correctly identified Warren’s investigatory tactic as one used by despots around the world. Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week,” he said:

“If you look at history around the world, it’s a very, very nasty pattern that developing countries have fallen into, where a new president ends up throwing the president before them in jail,” Yang said on ABC’s “This Week.” 

“That pattern unfortunately makes it very hard for any party to govern sustainably moving forward with a sense of unity among their people,” he continued. “And so to me, America should try to avoid that pattern if at all possible.”

Duh. That’s just common sense. American presidents don’t put their predecessors in jail. Then again, American presidents don’t investigate frontrunner candidates from the opposite party. I’m not talking about Trump and Biden here. I’m talking about Obama investigating Trump.

We’ve already crossed too many red lines into chaos and commissar behavior. It’s time to pull this stuff back before we move into Warren territory. If Yang only accomplishes one thing this election season, calling out Warren and getting her out of the race is worth every bit of effort he has made in his own campaign.

Why Yang is not polling better is a mystery to me. But I’m glad to see that Warren is falling like a rock. We don’t need her brand of communism here–after all, we already have Bernie.


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