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Calm Down Hysterical Ninnies

Good grief.

I have been sick since last week and still don’t have much of a voice. I’ve had to keep my mouth shut and just watch TV and read. The amount of hysteria coming from anti-Trump pundits and TV talking heads has reached past absurdity and gone straight to insane.

No, we are not a monarchy now. No, the constitution is not in shambles. No, the President is not a dictator. No, the confederacy is not complicit in protecting the President.

Y’all are a bunch of insane clowns is what y’all are. This hysteria is just too much and too insane.

The GOP needs to be burned down because it refused to toss the guy you didn’t vote for?

The constitution no longer has any weight, merit, or meaning because you lost a political fight?

Stop being stupid. All your talking points have been as stupid as the Republican talking points. The President has turned you people into what you think he is.

Democrats in the House could have called all these people you’re demanding the GOP call. But they chose not to. They didn’t even fight for them. They could have. They chose not to. But the GOP is the bad guy because Orange Man Bad.

You people have made every single thing an outrage so nothing is really outrageous anymore. To the extent the Senate will vote to acquit the President, your willingness to drive up every minor thing into impeachable outrage has played a great deal into it.

Every tweet, every glare, every statement, every misstatement, every policy, every policy misreported, all the news that had to be retracted, all the news that got things right — all of it has aided and abetted the President and got us to this point.

I know none of you think you are responsible because you signal as loudly as possible every second of every day that Trump is to blame, must be removed, and you want to burn down the GOP. But that’s just it — therein lies your portion of culpability. Because you’ve screamed wolf at every shadow and railed against the President for everything he has done, no matter how insignificant, you’ve helped desensitize everyone else.

I mean honestly, it is hard to take any of it from either side seriously at this point.

Let the voters decide in November and you guys try to stop lighting your hair on fire every time the President says something you don’t like.

Stop being hysterical. It cheapens serious points some of you would otherwise make.


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