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Warren wants to criminalize disinformation.

If president, Warren plans to punish tech companies that allow the spread of disinformation.

There was once upon a time when progressives kept the most radical parts of their platforms a secret, or at the very loudest a whisper. Everyone should know by now that progressives are set on seizing the power as much as possible and they are saying it out loud.

Between all the talk of free college, student loan debt forgiveness, and impeachment, Elizabeth Warren is out to destroy whatever freedoms she doesn’t like.

Warren plans on destroying the First Amendment and the rights of corporations by holding corporations accountable if misinformation is spread on their platforms and it affects voter turnout.

How Warren’s plan would actually determine how or when said misinformation is not clear but she is very sure that they should be punished.

In a press release, Warren blames disinformation as “one of several potent strategies that the Russian government employed” during the 2016 election. She must have missed the Mueller report than, as the Russian campaign did not significantly alter the election results.

She promises that as president, she will take a series of action that will:

Push to create civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating false information about when and how to vote in U.S. elections.

Reinstate the position of cybersecurity coordinator at the National Security Council.

Convene a summit of countries to enhance information sharing and coordinate policy responses to disinformation.

Establish rules around information and data sharing to ensure that platforms can share with each other and with the government while respecting individuals’ privacy.

Consider additional sanctions against countries that engage in election interference through disinformation.

I find it especially rich that a candidate who lied about her Native American “heritage” is now lecturing American’s and corporations about spreading disinformation, and then threatening them with criminal charges.

But again, progressives are about power and control and they will destroy the rights of those who don’t agree with them.


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