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Anti-Gun Virginia Delegate Can’t Define ‘Assault Weapons’ He Wants to Ban

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Mark Levine, a Democrat who represents Virginia’s 45th House District, recently participated in a town hall on “assault weapons” and embarrassed himself in the process.

Levine is the chief patron of HB 961, which would ban “assault weapons” and firearms parts including commonly-own semi-automatic firearms like AR-15’s and magazines exceeding 10 rounds, respectively.

During the town hall, Levine spoke for six minutes on how his bill will stop mass shootings once and for all. What can be surmised from the available video, however, is Levine appears unserious about tackling gun violence.

The portion of his rant about what gun owners prefer to use to protect themselves—hunting rifles—versus guns mass shooters prefer to use was especially laughable.

He falls into the usual trap with suggesting the Second Amendment is about hunting— not protection against the threat of tyranny. I transcribed what he believes are “acceptable guns” for us mere mortals:

“What the bill does is it distinguishes basically between guns that go like this—these are rifles. You use them to shoot an animal. And you can shoot very precisely with a rifle. These are the guns that hunters use. They go like this. And you look down the barrel and you can shoot very precisely. You can have a scope. Those are the kinds of things hunters like to use.

Then he described how mass shooters use guns and their preferred methods. Why would he claim to think he knows what they think? Creepy.

Mass shooters don’t like things that go like this. Because what that means is someone can hit the rifle butt against their head–deer don’t do this. Elk don’t do this. But humans trying to save their lives do this. It’s very hard to shoot a lot of people fast that way.

You can watch the full exchange here. Fair warning: your brain will hurt afterwards:

Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski described it best:

As evidenced by the video, it’s clear Delegate Levine has never touched a firearm, surrounded himself with them, or gone hunting given his utterances.

Par for the course for anti-gun Democrats, Levine is clueless about firearms nomenclature and resorted to hyperbole. At least know what you’re specifically hoping to ban before spouting nonsense about gun owners and commonly-owned firearms.

Good on whoever recorded this. Virginia residents should be on high alert and push back against gun control.


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